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is the only Glasgow guide you'll ever need!

  • Glasgow's best attractions, restaurants, theatres, music venues, cinemas, festivals and more.
  • Locations, contact details, websites, social media links & opening times.
  • User-friendly navigation so you don't get lost using the guide.
  • Some local knowledge you'll be hard pressed to find online.

Wee Glesca will help you squeeze the most out of your experience here!

There are pure hunners of websites on Glasgow, and you could spend your entire time here trying to find the right place to visit, that hidden gem of a restaurant you want to remember forever.

"Great wee honest and well weedgie guide. We love this wee guide to Glasgow...we're in it obvs.;)"
--John Quigley, Red Onion Glasgow

Finally a one-stop guide

Wee Glesca drills it all down into handy sections, and you can print off or bookmark what you need.


This handy wee guide tells you where to eat, where to buy, what to see, and how to make the most of your trip in Glasgow.

What more do you need?

"Hi Scott,
I just wanted to say a massive thanks for your amazingly accurate, realistic and general bible of a guidebook about Glasgow that I downloaded from your website. It really helped make our holiday. We had the most fantastic time and couldn't believe how action packed the city is.

Your information, recommendations and descriptions of the big and smaller things to do and see were really valuable and our cameras never stopped snapping. It was all in all a magical trip and one that will stay with us for a long time!"
Sarah O'Hara, Manchester, UK

Whats On Glasgow recommends Wee Glesca

"Finally got round to reading your guide...it's BRILLIANT! So well thought out and really personal too! You've really covered the best that the city has to offer! Although I don't know how you managed to narrow down some of the categories :D
Leigh, of the amazing What's On Glasgow Network

Dear Glasgow traveller,

Putting together a trip to an unknown City can be a challenging experience, especially if you're unable to get reliable advice...

"Long story short...Daughter mid degree in London is working at Commonwealth Games and has postponed her 21st birthday celebrations. Doesn't know that her dad (me) is flying in from Cape Town along with her Godfather to surprise her and 9 friends for dinner/night our next Sunday...In your opinion, what would be an awesome venue with great food to play out the evening? Remembering 1, although hard core students will need to be up bright and breezy next day and 2. It is Sunday ??? Really appreciate the insight from a local."
Tony, Cape Town

"Retired couple planning a cruise in August 2015. Will be docking in Glasgow for 18 hrs. My wife is a decendant of the Hanna Clan and would like to visit the Hanna Clan's Sorbie Tower. The tower is located in Wigtownshire, about a mile out of the village of Sorbie on the Garlieston road (B7052). Google Maps show driving directions from Glasgow as M77, A77, B7045, Newton Stewart Rd and A714 to Dumfries and Galloway. About 95 miles. Will be arranging a tour of the tower through a local clan member. Would like to see the sights on the way down and then take another route back to Glasgow to see additional sights. Scheduled to dock in Glasgow at 7am. Would be ready to depart ship anytime between 8-9am. Would need to be back on board by approximately 6pm. Is this something you do and if so, how much would something like this cost? If not, then can you recommend someone that could do this for us. Thank you."
Sherman Truitt, Littleton, US

I stopped counting the number of similar emails I've received expressing similar concerns and questions, and my answer is always the same:

"You Can Do This!"

There are so many places to eat out and see when you're in Glasgow, and if you know where to start, you can find the right place on your own.

And how rewarding is it when you find somewhere by yourself, a little gem of a place or attraction you think hardly anyone knows about? As I say, all you need is a good place to start:

"Hi Scott,
Visiting Glasgow at weekend and heard good reports on Malaga Tapas but don't know where it is. Can you help with location and contact number please. Loved your comments and patter!"
Liz Matheson, Aberdeen, UK

"Dear Scott,
First of all I would like to thank you this useful book. Me and my elder son going to visit Glasgow this summer. We'll spend 6 weeks there, so I wanted to get as many information as I can. Luckily I have found your website. If you don't mind I have some questions about Glasgow, Scotland, and the meaning of life - but the last one isn't relevant. :) Could you please recommend me films, series, or something other programs on the internet, because I would be prepare myself for the "Glesca patter". (In 1995 I spent one month in Manchester, and I was shocked when I realised I hardly understood the native speakers, and the "real English". I'm afraid, in Glasgow I will understand nothing... Now we just planning our holiday, so if you have any (further) ideas, advice, or anything, I would really appreciate if you write them for me. I'm looking forward to hear from you! Dóra Kökény
Dóra Kökény, Budapest, Hungary

"Hi Scott,
I am on a very tight budget and also have ME which I need a budget hotel that is extremely well placed for as little walking as possible, Premier Inn have just released some limited number of cheap rooms in Glasgow and I was wondering which would best suit my needs in terms of location. My interests includes arts and history if that is of any help in advising me. My thanks in advance for taking the time to read my question.
Daksha, London, UK

Ready To Turn Your Glasgow Travel Plans Into A Reality?

Then let me tell you how Wee Glesca will help you with that.

Hi, my name is Scott. I'm originally from Kilmarnock which is about 20 miles outside Glasgow.  I was brought up by Glaswegian parents though, and even before I moved to the City years ago I always felt at home here.

I've also not forgotten what it was like coming here all those years ago, wet behind the ears!

The main thing that helped me settle in the City was getting to know friends who'd lived here for years.

They were able to tell me the best pubs, restaurants, music shops and all the little secrets that locals know and tourists or newbies like me have no idea about!

So it took me a while but eventually I nestled down and began to feel more comfortable in this amazing, bustling powerhouse of a City.

So What Does That Tell You?

All you need is the right friends, with the best info.

Initially, I was as wide-eyed and worried as you about finding my feet in this new place. Instead of shortcuts and easy routes to where I wanted to go in town, my eyes got blurry looking at maps. You know the drill, turning it round and round in your hands until you think you have it the right way up, then taking 30 minutes just trying to find where YOU are on the map!

After reading this guide you'll know a lot more than I did when spending my first visits to the City. Eventually, I was fine. You will be too.

Yes, There Are Important Things You Need To Know

I picked them up living here. You will pick them up from this guide.

  • Find out how to get last minute tickets for packed out gigs, events, and concerts at little venues you'd otherwise miss, even some locals.
  • Pick up all the social media and contact details you need to grab more information on the attractions you want to see, so you won't end up scratching your head wondering whether to trust the details you've found elsewhere.
  • Souvenir shops in Glasgow are hard to locate for traditional Scottish tartan and nik-naks to take home with you, so with the guide you won't waste your time searching the streets to find what you need.

And That Leads To The Next Problem...

How do you fit it all in? Or rather, what can you fit in? And what should you fit in?

I've had chats with visitors that have ended up with them completely changing their plans for seeing the best of Glasgow. They were so glad that I had pointed them to things the glossy websites hadn't, and they ended up having a way more interesting and fulfilling time here.

I remember one family had planned their trip down to the last detail, you know the type, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute itinerary of what to do and where to go, all highlighted and labelled to perfection. Except they'd forgotten to work out what restaurants were near what attractions, where their hotel was in comparison with the theatre they'd booked for.

Don't let that happen to you!

Wee Glesca Makes Sure You Get It Right.

"Hi I am very impressed with your ebook and the level of detail contained therein. It has been really useful source of information and definitely made me see Glasgow in a different light. I was up in Scotland for my honeymoon as I got married, so wanted to know about things like urban art (graffiti etc.) street culture, vintage & antique furniture, food (loved your top 10 list & plan to visit Dhabba!), architecture, hidden gems, the wild, nature, adventure trips etc.! Thanks again."
Gurpaje Singh, London, UK

Wee Glesca - the Number 1 best selling

Glasgow travel guide at Amazon!

What's not in it?

There's a few reasons why this guide, written by someone who doesn't work for the tourist industry, differs from the others you'll come across. Unlike most glossy travel guides on the City, in Wee Glesca you will not find:

  • A lengthy history of the City you could find online in a heartbeat if you were really interested;
  • Pointless climate details and weather trends. When it boils down to it, you get here, you look out the window, you dress appropriately. Enough said!
  • Fancy pictures taken by professionals, designed to make the place look fantastic (which it really is), but which just increase the size of the book when all you really need is the right information;
  • Travel writer verbal diarrhoea, with flowery language most Glaswegians would just find totally ridiculous;
  • Cool looking maps you can't follow. Future editions may include a map or two, but for the most part you would be better served getting a guide like this and a proper fold-up map;
  • Endless lists of hotels. Let's be honest, before you travel here you'll likely find a place to stay, so why would you want your guidebook you take with you stuffed with hotels, telling you where else you could've stayed?

What is in it?

Well, pretty much all you need to squeeze the most out of your visit here. Top ten lists of:

  • Arts & history attractions, shopping hotspots, music venues, theatres, restaurants, festivals and more;
  • Telephone numbers, addresses, opening times, & links to websites, Twitter feeds and Facebook pages;
  • Bang up to date information. Most guides are fairly out of date, this one isn't!
  • Information from a real insider, a local, a dude who lives here and sees with his own eyes how best to experience Glasgow day in day out;
  • Everything nicely drilled down and packaged so you can print off or bookmark what you need.

Everything is at your fingertips, and research is A BREEZE!

Glasgow blogger Lauren recommends Wee Glesca

"Great little pocket guide to Glasgow. Broken down into top tens making it easy to find what you're looking for with social media links which is a nice touch. As a Glaswegian I can vouch for many of the suggestions, King Tut's is a must for any music fan and the Style Mile rivals any big city for shopping. Everything you need is in here, from cinemas to art galleries."
Lauren, Glasgow blogger, livinginaboxx.com

"Dear Scott, Thank you so much for all the information in your guide. I will visit Glasgow for the first time this December and now I am more excited than ever. It is not difficult to figure out why your website guide is by far much better than any other travel guides. Because you do it with love. Best wishes and Seasons Greatings. "
Álvaro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Very good job indeed! You've been undoubtedly useful planning my trip. It's just that I only found you today and I'm leaving... well... in about 8 hours (waking up with the wolves). I'm wondering WHO ELSE would've posted in their top 10 restaurants a Mongolian one. Mongolia will be THE travel of my life. Glasgow is my 3 and 1/2 days stop on my way to the Orkneys and hopefully the Shetlands. Thank you, keep going!"
Marina, Italy

So Who Is This Guide For?

Wee Glesca is for absolutely anyone planning a holiday trip to Glasgow. It does not matter if you'll be on a large budget or a small one (most of Glasgow's best stuff is affordable anyway, even for students & backpackers!). If you just want a wee guide to help you along your way, or to find a place to start your search for the most amazing sights of this ancient, illustrious City, then Wee Glesca will be invaluable.

It can be used as a brief reference guide for those of you going on a guided tour, to help you keep up with all the information being pounded into you by your guide in a fast Glaswegian accent. But if you're travelling independently then my wee guide will help you put the trip together yourself with minimum hassle.

Why an e-Guide? How is it different from normal books?

  • The biggest advantage of an e-guide is the instant delivery. There is no packaging and shipping to pay for, no waiting time.

  • You can download it and start reading straight away.

  • Producing hard copy books takes a long time. The information in travel guide books is usually at least one year old (when they are brand new), often much older. But this e-guide is updated all the time. That's invaluable when travelling in a City where things change on a regular basis.

  • When I become aware of a change, I can update the relevant section in a flash. Wee Glesca has current information for 2014!

  • You will always have the newest information.

"I just read your latest update. Another informative section, keep them coming! I look forward to reading them just to get the "jump/low down" on other tourists who have unfortunately not bothered or come across your guide."
John V., Boston, US

"Received the book download and have now downloaded and printed off a copy with no problems. Thank you! I am most impressed with the detail and presentation of material. Congratulations on such a fine guide!"
Jeanette Rutherford, Cardiff, Wales

An e-guide combines the best of two worlds. You have all the direct links for easy online research and you have the most up to date information possible. And when you are ready to roll you simply print it out and take it with you!

Ready to order?

Head over to Amazon.

The price is a tiny fraction of what it would cost for a personal tour guide to take you to all the places I tell you about.

And I'm sure you'll agree that information about an experience that you would otherwise have missed is priceless.

I'm not sure how many headache pills you could buy for that money, but can guarantee you that you won't need any after reading this guide.

There's a reason it's been described as "The Glasgow Bible"!

Here's what you get for your money:

  • Over 100 freshly updated pages, packed with current insider information and local secrets.
  • Comprehensive listings for the best attractions, music venues, restaurants, festivals, cinemas and more, all with handy social media & website links.
  • The best theatres to visit, including at least one even some locals don't have a clue about!
  • Lowdown information on arts & history in Glasgow and how to understand quickly why we have such a global reputation for both.

So thanks for taking the time to find out about my little guide, and I hope it makes your trip here a whole lot easier!

Yours aye,