Wee Glesca 2015

is an insider's guide to Glasgow - nuff said!

(Not just for tourists - locals LOVE IT!)

"Great wee honest and well weedgie guide. We love this wee guide to Glasgow...we're in it obvs.;)"
--John Quigley, Red Onion Glasgow

Your one-stop guide to Glasgow

What's not in it?

There's a few reasons why this guide, written by someone who doesn't work for the tourist industry (that's me!), differs from the others you'll come across. Unlike most glossy travel guides on the City, in Wee Glesca you will not find:

  • A lengthy history of the City you could find online in a heartbeat if you were really interested;
  • Pointless climate details and weather trends. When it boils down to it, you get here, you look out the window, you dress appropriately. Enough said!
  • Fancy pictures taken by professionals, designed to make the place look fantastic (which it really is), but which just increase the size of the book when all you really need is the right information;
  • Travel writer verbal diarrhoea, with flowery language most Glaswegians would just find totally ridiculous;
  • Cool looking maps you can't follow. Future editions may include a map or two, but for the most part you would be better served getting a guide like this and a proper fold-up map;
  • Endless lists of hotels. Let's be honest, before you travel here you'll likely find a place to stay, so why would you want your guidebook you take with you stuffed with hotels, telling you where else you could've stayed?

What is in it?

Well, pretty much all you need to squeeze the most out of your visit here. Top ten lists of:

  • Arts & history attractions, shopping hotspots, music venues, theatres, restaurants, festivals and more;
  • Telephone numbers, addresses, opening times, & links to websites, Twitter feeds and Facebook pages;
  • Bang up to date information. Most guides are fairly out of date, this one isn't!
  • Information from a real insider, a local, a dude who lives here and sees with his own eyes how best to experience Glasgow day in day out;
  • Everything nicely drilled down and packaged so you can print off or bookmark what you need.

Whats On Glasgow recommends Wee Glesca

"Finally got round to reading your guide...it's BRILLIANT! So well thought out and really personal too! You've really covered the best that the city has to offer! Although I don't know how you managed to narrow down some of the categories :D
Leigh, of the amazing What's On Glasgow Network

Glasgow blogger Lauren recommends Wee Glesca

"Great little pocket guide to Glasgow. Broken down into top tens making it easy to find what you're looking for with social media links which is a nice touch. As a Glaswegian I can vouch for many of the suggestions, King Tut's is a must for any music fan and the Style Mile rivals any big city for shopping. Everything you need is in here, from cinemas to art galleries."
Lauren, Glasgow blogger, livinginaboxx.com

Here's what you get:

  • 146 freshly updated pages (304 in the Kindle edition!), packed with current 2015 insider info & local secrets.
  • Comprehensive listings for the best attractions, music venues, restaurants, festivals, cinemas and more, all with handy social media & website links.
  • The best theatres to visit, including at least one even some locals don't have a clue about!
  • Lowdown information on arts & history in Glasgow and how to understand quickly why we have such a global reputation for both.

And thanks so much for helping make my little guide the number one best selling Glasgow travel guide on Amazon!

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