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Tips on Flying here
via Glasgow Airport and
Prestwick Airport

If the first thing you hear when entering either
Glasgow Airport is a gruff Scottish accent, it's OK,
you don't have to get back on the plane!

Get ready to fly

You might be asking 'Scott, why the dull pages on flying to Glasgow Airport & Prestwick Airport?'

Well to get to the point & without overstating the obvious, the airport is slap bang in the middle of where you're coming from & where you're going. If you miss out B you might not get to C, if you know what I mean!

I've scraped together some (hopefully) valuable tips on booking flights, cheap airline tickets and more to get you in, around and out of Glasgow's two airports hopefully hassle-free, just some of the things I've learned in my own travels here & there, and I hope you find them of some use.

What tips will you get here?

Tips-wise here, other than pointing you in the right direction for the cheapest and most reliable flights to Glasgow, in the Glasgow International Airport pages I've provided my Top Ten Tips, the ol' 3Ts, for getting in out and about Glasgow Airport, which has a little guide on what you'll find inside (fingers-crossed you don't get delayed, but in case you do I'll make sure you don't get bored & frustrated!).

I've included some tips in there on getting the best cheap flight to Glasgow 

and tips on car hire at Glasgow International Airport 

as well as on the airport hotels,

airport parking in and around the place,

and a guide full of tips on what to pack and what security will pull you up for. 

It's an Airport - not the Dentist's!

Glasgow Airport

It's like, every time I walk around the airport I just wonder at the expressions of pain, the hurried & worried panickers running about like headless chickens, and the families all caked in boredom.

I mean, I know being at the airport's a bit like sitting in the dentist's waiting room, all clinical and built to make you scared or impatient about what's to come - but why should that be?

I like to make being at the airport part of my holiday! You know? I mean it's not like I'm at work, so let's go!

It's an Airport - not the Dentist's!

A funny story about our main airport

I have to tell you this one before we go on though! I remember a reading in the local newspaper recently about this couple who were flying out to the US.

This was their first venture out into the big world together. 'Aawwww, that's nice', you might add.

Well, they got themselves into a major crazy daze just trying to get to the Airport in time, & were so efficient they actually got there 3 hours before check-in.

Pretty good timing, eh?

So there they are, gasping for breath but thinking 'Yeah, we made it - plenty of time left.'

But then here's a thing, a wee while later they saunter over to the check-in desk, casually hand over their tickets & passports, smile at each other lovingly...

...until, that is, the girl at the desk tells them they're a day early!!

Glasgow Flights

They'd only gone and forgotten what day they were flying out, didn't they? Booked the insurance for the correct day. Got the flight tickets for the correct day. Sorted out the hotel for the correct day.

If only they'd chosen the right day to actually leave the house! A little too excited about the holiday, methinks.

Now there's a lesson and a half about Glasgow Airport if ever I've heard one, and no doubt I'd have got the blame for it if it had been us!

I do hope they're not reading this of course, but I'm sure they're still laughing about it anyway (hee hee). 

Here's the link to my Glasgow Airport Guide 

and don't forget my guide to Prestwick Airport

I hope that it helps make your journey to & from here a little more hassle-free! 

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