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1. Glasgow Jigsaw Puzzle

My mum's a great fan of jigsaws, so in honour of her I've set up a wee puzzle for you to solve. Simply drag the pieces around until you see a great winter scene from Glasgow. If the puzzle looks as though it's still loading, wave your cursor over the loading bit and the puzzle will appear.

Wee Glesca Jigsaw Puzzle Game » jigsaw games

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2. The Wee Glesca Quiz

How much do you really know about Glasgow, the Dear Green Place wot I live in? Here's a wee 20 question quiz to help you while away the hours, and remember - nae Googlin! :-)

ProProfs Quiz- The Wee Glesca Quiz

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3. Glesca Word Search

You might have spent some time already on my section on ra Glesca patter, so if you enjoyed learning some new words you'd hear on the streets of Glasgow, have a look for some of them here. If you spot one, simply click once on the first letter, let go and drag to the end of the word, and you'll see it crossed out if you're correct.

Make Your Own Word Search

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