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With vouchers Glasgow
will amaze for less

Groupon Vouchers Glasgow
can help you experience the City
at a discount

Tracey and I have gone via the Groupon voucher site to save in plenty of Glasgow restaurants, shops and hotels, and these days, whenever we go to buy or book pretty much anything, hey, it might be because we're Scottish and happy to perpetuate a stereotype, but the first thing we do is to see if we can get it at a discount!

For example, other than the purchase of a few quirky gifts for family & friends that we sorted out via Groupon, recently Tracey went to a cupcake-making class that not only came priced at a discount, but resulted in a great many experiments in the weeks that followed that happily expanded my waist line (yummy!), and we've also sampled the delights of a superb Indian restaurant in Glasgow that otherwise we wouldn't even have known existed. And my parents booked up to the Lodge on the Loch at Loch Lomond, one of the most highly-thought of hotels in Scotland, for almost half price!

There is of course a sheer plethora of sites displaying daily vouchers to save you money whilst in Glasgow, but I've always found Groupon perfectly reliable and trustworthy, so if you'll be coming to Glasgow and are looking for places to eat, relax or shop, have a quick look to see if you can pick up a deal even before you travel, leaving you more to spend when you get here.

Here's the wee link link to the vouchers Groupon have at the moment, and feel free to let me know how you get on.

Yours aye,


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