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The Lowdown

So what's this flatsharing nonsense all about anyway, and why is it that when it comes to house and flat share Glasgow is becoming one of the most popular places in the UK?

Basically, flat sharing is when a bunch of like minded folks looking to save some money to spend on better things like clothes and food & stuff (ahem), come together to live in the same place, whether that's in a flat with a communal area or even in a house.

First thing's first though - put out of your mind right now that image you have of a gaggle of grubby students all dossing in a hovel, I know you're thinking it, you know, where one of them's eating cereal in the shower while another's shaving with the toilet water!

You don't have to be a student to want to share accommodation, and while there's plenty of Glasgow flatshare opportunities on the market for those looking to save some cash by not renting or buying, these days with the advent of some tough regulation for landlords you'll have a greater chance of finding a comfortable, even high-end, place to stay with other folks who want the same things out of their residence.

It became far more popular since the big economic recession, when folks either couldn't afford a mortgage here or just didn't want to pay the rent prices which can be pretty high particularly the nearer you get to the City Centre. So it's an attractive way of finding somewhere good to stay, and the process involved in setting up a flatshare can be less hassle than buying or renting.

Having known quite a few people in my time who've flatshared, I can also say without doubt that one of the other benefits of following this route & not buying or renting alone, is the fair chance that you might even find some new friends for life!

So check out my little guides below to point you in the right direction, and once you're up to speed, there's a link here as well for you to find what's available.

There's also a few bits & pieces of info on being a landlord as well, so if you've got a place and are looking to rent it out to flatsharers, have a wee look here to get things going.

Good luck on finding the perfect place to stay while you're living in Glasgow, and let me know if you need some more info. 

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I've completed a few little guides to set you on your way, and once you're up to speed, feel free to click the link below to start searching for your ideal flat or house share in Glasgow.

  • 1. An introduction to flat sharing here 
  • 2. Why share instead of renting or buying?
  • 3. Isn't lodging all a bit 1970's?!!
  • 4. Flatsharing terms to look out for
  • 5. Flatsharing intro on being a landlord

Just remember that these are just little guides to get you started. I'm in no way an expert here so it's always best to double-check for yourself on the ins and outs before you sort out your flat share Glasgow plan. 

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I've teamed up with, the UK's leading flat and house share website, to ensure that whether you're looking to share a flat, in need of a flatmate if you've already got a place, or if you're a landlord wanting to rent out your residence, you'll have the most options open to you.

Here's the link - 

Find a flatshare on Glasgow's leading flat share site

... and you'll find plenty of advice on that site about flatsharing as well. All the best and good luck finding a place.

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