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Glasgow Photo Box

My own Glasgow photo box is below, but I'd love to see any pictures of your time in the City. See the great ones below that other visitors have already submitted.

It could be a photo of your favourite building, or of you enjoying an event here, or even if you're an ex-pat and have an image of Glasgow in the past. Anything you like really, and it'd be great to hear a wee story to go along with it.

So just scroll down here and upload your best image of Glasgow - I look forward to sharing it with the world!

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And here's my own wee Glasgow photo collection so far...

Attractions & Sights in Glasgow

When we met Kevin Keegan at the exhilarating Xscape Glasgow, Page 2 

The hugely popular Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum 

Images from Glasgow's Suprise Snowfall of March 2006, Page 2

Attractions & Sights near Glasgow

The world-famous Loch Lomond Park 

Stunning Blair Drummond Safari Park, Page 2, Page 3 

Our tragic, car-breaking Glasgow holiday of 2008 

I'm happy to share with you my unique Photo Box of Glasgow, which contains the must-see Glasgow images I've captured during my time living and experiencing the City. You'll find that for the most part, the galleries are included within a review of whatever it was I've been photographing. 

As for copyright and all that, you're free to use them for other websites, school projects, or homework etc if you like. However, please make note of the following exceptions:

  • photos cannot be altered in any way;
  • photos are not to be used for demeaning purposes;
  • photos cannot be used for commercial screensavers, photo galleries, ecards, or sold for any other purpose;
  • photos cannot be resold.

So please delve into the box and enjoy its Glasgow pictures! I'll be adding to my little gallery box over time, and hope that in it you'll find a taste of Glasgow that words just can't describe.

When you get into the pages shown above, simply click on the pictures or the links and a new window will open with the full size picture. 

City Chambers Glasgow

City Chambers Glasgow

Did you capture your single best Glasgow moment?

As you can probably tell from the tortoise speed my little Glasgow Photo Box gets filled up, I tend to forget my camera wherever I go.

So I'd like your help. Can you remember your single favourite moment during your time in Glasgow? Did you capture it in a photo? If you did, you're about 100% better at this than me!

If you'd like to share that moment, why not upload the photo here and tell us all the story behind it? What makes you look at that photo and want to repeat the experience? Why is your memory of that moment so special?

Thanks in advance for sharing...

Special Moments of other Happy Snappers!

Click below to see the great photos & stories from other visitors to this page, and feel free to comment on each if you like...

Old AshtonLane 
One of a few old black and white pics I have of Ashton Lane Glasgow.

St James' Parish Church, Pollok 
I have been living in Pollok for 57 years. My parents moved into the area in March 1954 when I was 6 months old. I have lived in this house ever since. …

Wyndford Road, Maryhill 
This is the ground where I played cowboys and indians, held World War II battles, my Tonka trucks trundled, caught jeelie sandwiches in, and kicked footballs …

Falls of Clyde 
On Friday Ka and myself arose to a gloriously, wonderful, sunny day. Who would have thought?! Scotland in early April with such a lovely day? Weather like …

Sunshine in Kelvingrove Park 
This photo was taken in summer 2006 when the West End Festival was on. It happened to be a warm and sunny day, which doesn't happen too often in Glasgow. …

crookston castle glasgow 
I was brought up in the south of Glasgow in an area called Pollok, about 5 miles south of Glasgow City Centre. In those days it was a lovely brand-new …

Glasgow Santa Dash 2007 
This is a photo of me setting off into Glasgow for the first Santa Dash to help raise funds for charity..........Hope you like my photo. Papajoe....AKA...Santa …

Glasgow Cathedral 
I love this website. As a native living in Scotland I have visited Glasgow many times. It was only in later years, having visited many great cities …

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