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Top Ten Glasgow Guide is beginning to find its feet in the crazy big world out there. I've been receiving a few messages from you all, asking whether you can sort out a link to my little site, and following an embarrassing amount of huffing & puffing on my part, I've finally worked out how to build this wee page, and hope it helps you do just that.

I mean, there should be an award for brainiac wizardry like this! OK, so I'd never win it, but everyone loves a trier, don't they? 

Anywho, there are a number of ways here you can link to my site, and if you've any queries about the whole thing, just let me know.

1. The ol' Tell a Friend Trick

You can do the ol' Tell a Friend thing by clicking the link below and adding your mate's email address. Don't worry about privacy, as I won't sneakily collect either your's or your friend's details.

2. Social Bookmarking

Alternatively, you can add my little site to your favourite social bookmarking location. All you need to do is click this one button and when you see your favourite bookmark place, click its icon and you'll have added my site automatically.

3. Link from your own site or blog

If you run your own website or have a blog, mySpace, Facebook or Bebo page and so on, please feel free to link to my site and use the HTML code below to make it all easy-peasy.

Simply select, copy & paste the HTML code from the wee box below, and place it wherever you'd like it to appear on your website or blog. 

The link will look like this - 
Visit the Top Ten Glasgow Guide 

Light-hearted, insider's guide to everything Glasgow, featuring the best selling Wee Glesca guidebook, info on where to eat, stay, see & more. Basically nothing less than a life-changing experience!

The link will open a "new" window to my website, so your website or blog will still be there underneath.

So I hope that this page will help you spread the word about Top Ten Glasgow Guide, and I can't thank you enough for doing that. And hey, if all this technical wizardry gets too much, just tap someone on the shoulder old style and tell them in person. It's all good!

Although, I have been having the odd sleepless night with the thought that by attracting more and more visitors from around the globe to my site every day, the size of my head may very well balloon to the size of George Square itself. I mean, they might even prop it up on a stand there and charge folks 50p just to throw wet sponges & eggs at it!

I'm telling you - those sleepless nights in my head ain't fun...

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