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Glasgow Conversations Podcast

Glasgow Conversations

For the Love of G...lasgow Podcast

For the Love of G...lasgow

Glasgow Generations Podcast

 Glasgow Generations

These two shows are the only official ones of the Top Ten Glasgow Guide (all the others are just fakers!).

Glasgow Conversations is a series of interviews with the inspiring people driving culture in Glasgow today. Learn here about what's going on in arts, performances, exhibitions, experiences and cultural venues, and find out about their place in the city from the amazing folks behind the scenes.

For the Love of G...lasgow is a comedy podcast with myself and Alan Macdonald, and has been listed as a featured comedy podcast in iTunes (yup, despite its dubiously amusing content!). Every show features yarns, reviews and banter and is guaranteed to make you laugh, well, OK, so only if you think it's funny.

Glasgow Generations is one I do with my good ol' Dad, Charlie Docherty. This one's still very light-hearted, but it's more to do with guiding you through the history of Glasgow from about the 1940's onwards from my Dad's own eyes, ears & ever-decreasing memory!

We welcome your own little stories as well, so after you've listened, why not share your own memories of the City and we'll read them out on the show.

So I hope with these wee podcasts you'll enjoy a taste of the real Glasgow. To stay up to date with them, all you need to do is subscribe for free to their respective blogs, iTunes listing, or just check back whenever you can.

If you want to contribute any of your own content to either show, again, just fire over an email via the blogs, the comments boxes you'll see on each page, or use the contact form on the site. 

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