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Hard to choose, but here's my
Top Ten Attractions in Glasgow

Learn why the attractions in Glasgow
have made the City one of the most magnetic
tourist destinations in the world

Now, first of all I'd like to make sure you know that in compiling this list, I'm not including Glasgow's powerhouse but general attractions like shopping, football, theatre, eating & drinking and other activities.

I'll be dealing with all that palava elsewhere on the site, that is, once I find the time between all that shopping, football, theatre, eating & drinking and so on - yeah well,you try living here and not getting distracted!

For now, this list will focus only on our best cultural attractions. So that means what we have to offer in the way of architecture, museums, art galleries and so on, and I'll tell you this for nothing, you'll be spoilt for choice here. My list of the top 10 attractions in Glasgow is just the start, and the longer you spend in this City the more you'll realise that there's just not enough time to see it all, such is the explosion of cultural Glasgow attractions over recent years.

When you visit make sure you have in your pocket, laptop, tablet or phone my Wee Glesca guide to the City, which you can download or pick up today. It features all the best attractions in Glasgow and is bang up to date!

In time you'll see that this page will list not only the cultural top ten attractions in Glasgow, but also what's best to see and do in a packed vacation here (for example, in the exhilarating Soar which used to be called Xscape Glasgow or in unique experiences like the team escape game in The Room).

Top Ten Cultural Attractions in Glasgow

Links to each full guide will follow soon.

1. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
2. The Mackintosh Ten (i.e. Mackintosh House, Willow Tea Rooms, Ruchill Church Hall, Queen's Cross Church, School of Art, Martyrs' Public School, the Lighthouse, Daily Record Building, Scotland Street School Museum, & House for an Art Lover)
3. The Burrell Collection (including Pollok Country Park & The Pollok House)
4. Glasgow Cathedral Precinct (including Glasgow Cathedral, Provand's Lordship, Necropolis & St. Mungo Museum)
5. Botanic Gardens & Kibble Palace
6. Glasgow University and grounds
7. Riverside Museum of Transport & Travel
8. Gallery of Modern Art
9. Glasgow Science Centre (including IMAX & Glasgow Tower)
10. People's Palace and Winter Gardens

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

Of course, if you have a suggestion and consider I've rudely ignored a place you've been to and think deserves a place on the Top Ten, please just let me know. As with everything else on this site, you'll be safe in the knowledge that it'll take absolute yonks for me to finish my guide to the best attractions Glasgow has to offer, so there's plenty of time to bend my mind!

You know, starting this site, the whole Top Ten Glasgow thing, is making me appreciate a great deal more about my home City than before. It's been said here that the most outwardly patriotic Scots you'll find are those who have left the place and look back with fondness. Of course, those who remain here dispute that kind of comment every time they hear it, but for me, having lived here for many years I'm only now beginning to notice just how many world class attractions in Glasgow there are to see, how much the City has to offer not only for visitors and students, but also for those of us who've been way too immersed in our own lives to notice the breathtaking regeneration that's been going on all around us in recent times.

Just a wee personal thought there - I hope you don't mind, and I really hope that when you get here, you'll be able to see what it is about Glasgow that I'm finally wakening up to.

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