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Glasgow Map with Spyglass

Well, if you've found this page straight from the Search Engines and were looking for a Glasgow street map, I hope you don't stop there.
Please let me explain.

As you'll quickly find out, the map above provided by Google, satellite image included, is by far the most accurate and easy-to-follow street map of Glasgow Scotland online.

But for me, no matter how good my trusty map is, if it's my first time in a particular City it always seems more reassuring getting directions from the folks on the street.
More importantly (see how I put that in italics?!), I think that if you take your map of Glasgow Scotland on its own, it'll not point you to where's best to go -

- it'll only tell you how to get there once you decide!

Glasgow Barras Chewin the Fat

So when you get here, try using the ancient local custom of The Natter!
Depending on your language, the expression 'Have a natter', roughly translates to 'Have a discussion', 'have a chat'.

For example, if you're looking to find something different to do that only the locals would know about, us weegies (Glaswegians) are generally pretty approachable, and more than happy to show off what we know about the City's best-kept secrets.
In my mind, Glasgow's a City all about surface. When you see it for the first time, especially if you've travelled a lot before, you'll likely see not much in the way of culture or architectural significance.

Scotland Fans in Glasgow

You might see a lack of skyscrapers, some litter on the street, a little deprivation and so on.

Scratch the surface however, and you'll unearth the real Glasgow.

Have a natter with whoever you meet when you get here, and you'll find people who've scratched the surface of Glasgow and can tell you all about our wealth of history, architecture and culture, as well as the reasons why it's one of the most thriving cities in the world if you're a lover of shopping, dining out & watching football (that's soccer, to the Americans out there), and why it has the promise of one of the most funpacked nights-out in Europe, I kid you not!

Football Fans in George Square

You see, I've learned that what folks love the most when visiting Glasgow, more thananything else we have to offer here - and I don't wish to be modest of course (!) - is the people of Glasgow.

You should find that for the most part, they're amongst the warmest, most friendly and down-to-earth folks on the planet, something that's been borne from our slow & spirited development from real social depravity in the City to the modern cosmopolitan face of Glasgow today (more of which you can read on my page on ra Glesca Patter).

People in Glasgow Shopping

It's often said in the West Coast of Scotland that in Edinburgh you'll be blessed with great sights of architectural beauty, but that the best wonder in Edinburgh is the road to Glasgow! The main reason for that is the sheer sincerity of the welcome you get when you come here.

Of course, many would disagree with me on that one (usually East-Coasters!...), but either way, I hope you find that when you visit Glasgow you'll be welcomed with a smile.

So as I say, don't just learn your map of Glasgow Scotland off by heart - have a right good natter and learn something new that a map couldn't tell you.

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