Your Glasgow travel plans
destroyed in a podcast

"Glasgow travel has never been made
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Introducing For the Love of G...lasgow:
A gut-busting glass ae Glesca Patter

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Me and Alan

Our Mission Statement

For the Love of G…lasgow, hereinafter referred to as 'Pure Genius', is the joint venture of Scott Docherty and his good friend Alan Macdonald, two heterosexual characters living in Glasgow. It is the official, FREE and fortnightly podcast of, as Scott would describe it, the perpetually ground-breaking blanket of poetic resonance that is

The intention of our podcast is to entertain. However, it must be made clear from the outset that we might not. In publishing our regular diatribe, we will aspire to provide no benefit to the listener. Some Glasgow travel websites & podcasts seek to paint a glossy, incomplete picture of the City which belies the truth of the matter.

Others focus on Glasgow being similar to Basra, the Helman Province, Sarajevo, our streets littered with non-educated delinquents, and litter.

Our 'Pure Genius' however, will reside somewhere in between, leaving listeners with no impression of Glasgow whatsoever, providing no useful information, our ultimate aspiration being to make no difference at all to anyone, whilst at the same time, leaving every listener with the unmistakable desire to meet us and become our friend, expanding what may only be described as our tragic, ever-decreasing social circle.

Please join us. No really, please. 

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St. Andrew

The Twenty Sixth: "Resurrection". After a short break of one year, we're back. This time around there's no songs, no jingles, no social networking, all of it put to one side to make way for even more of our "unique" brand of "comedy" banter.

After a year of heavy research we've enough material at the very least to celebrate St. Andrew and his pretty ironic cross, and on the subject of crosses, call for the crucifixion of some Scottish referees.

Back with a vengeance are the usual reviews and dead celebrity poetry, including the new Stoppable movie and a bit about Bruce Forsyth's saga. To be frank, the usual pointless drivel as we rehash old material and try to remember how to speak after a year of thankful silence. Enjoy, and send us some new messages of hope to .

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Date: 1st December 2010 Length: 41mins File size: 36.9mb 

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