Glasgow Events in December

Roll on December. It's been a long, but crazy fantastic year of Glasgow events.

One of my gastronomically-anticipated Glasgow events of the year to watch out for every December in Glasgow, is theGerman Christmas Market in St. Enoch Square.

As if stuffing yourself silly with roast turkey dinners for an entire month wasn't enough, at the stupendously busy German Christmas Market you'll be faced with stall after stall of deliciously tempting bratwurst and currywurst sausages, spanferkel (ehm, roasted piglet I think, but v. tasty whatever it is), garlic and salami pizza bread, and a great deal more, not forgetting the dazzling plethora of sweets and treats, all to be washed down gently with a subtle gluhwein (which is mulled wine, in case you want to appear knowledgeable if anyone asks).

German Market Sausages Galore

But whoaa there right now. Just stop, anhalten with all this food talk - I'm drooling freely all over my keyboard, and to me this is pretty embarassing seeing as how I'm typing all this at work.

So before I'm electrocuted or otherwise frogmarched from my work, suffice to say that it's worth visiting the market just for the food.

German Market Santa

However, in the 40 plus fairy-lit cabin stalls dotted around the Square you'll also find items on sale like ornate wooden toys, funky candles, intricate silver and gold jewellery, and most importantly, a superb festive atmosphere to warm you up before Christmas.

Apparently it's the biggest Christmas market you'll find in Scotland, and if you plan your visit well, you might even get there when they've organised the Christmas carols and other entertainment. It really is a great way to get into the spirit of things, so pop along if you can and get in there quick before I clear out the food stalls...

Apart from that, you won't be able to miss how much Glasgow gets into the festive spirit. Everywhere you go you'll see us covered in twinkling lights, arranging festive Glasgow events like huge carol singing concerts, parties in the pubs & clubs, festive musical extravaganzas at the Royal Concert Hall and similar Glasgow venues.

Glasgow New Year George Square

The list is endless, and having visited a great many towns & cities in December, without trying to be completely biased I really can confirm that your time in Glasgow during this month will bring some glow to your cheeks (despite the weather!) and a smile you'll carry with you into the Hogmanay celebrations on New Years Eve. As for that, you can't avoid it here.

Scotland is internationally renowned for starting the Hogmanay street party concept, so much so that I won't bore you by going on about it. Suffice to say that while Edinburgh along the road gets all the plaudits just because it has a castle (!), the (less staged & more fiery) Glasgow events all around the City won't disappoint, evidenced by just how quickly the tickets for the George Square party sell out every year, how devoid of alcohol the off-licences & shops become, how packed full the bars, clubs, hotels & restaurants are around the place, and more revealingly, how quiet it always is on New Year's Day after everyone drops exhausted into bed mid-morning.

So have a great December and an even better year on me, and I hope you stumble across at least a few Glasgow events during your time here that'll convince you to return.

Arrabest tae ye!

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