Glasgow Events in March

Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Continuing the annual hogshead of globally respected Glasgow events, the Glasgow International Comedy Festival kicks off in March. In years past, this outstanding festival has attracted thousands to the City, rivalling similar set ups throughout the UK (including a complete trouncing of evenEdinburgh's much-trumpeted equivalent).

The great thing about the festival is that you can pop into a local pub and watch an up and coming talent working through his or her nerves (even if that normally involves them picking on unsuspecting members of the audience like me, who seem to stand out for some reason!), or you can book a seat in a larger venue where the bigger names in comedy will be playing. This is one of the most popular Glasgow events, and involves about 40 venues with over 300 shows. My suggestion? If you're here you'd be well advised to head to Oran Mor at the end corner of Byres Road and Great Western Road, where you'll be treated to a superb night's entertainment entitled A Play, a Pie, and a Pint. Other stand out shows will include the powerhouse acts of the day who usually sell out like stolen candy on eBay, but also includes kids shows and starlets in the making. So it's definitely worth a punt if you'll be here. Check your ribs at the door cause they'll end up sore, as the saying goes, and in the meantime, what do you call a fish with no eyes? - A fsh...

Yeah I know, don't quit the day job Docherty!

Saint Patrick's Day Glasgow

Also in March, a big celebration can be had on the 17th with St. Patrick's Day. OK, so we don't have an official festival as such, but given the large Irish contingent here, as well as the huge number of Celtic FC fans who all think they're Irish (!), with the exception of Ireland, Boston & NYC you'll find it hard to have a better time celebrating St. Patrick's Day in anywhere other than Glasgow.

So just follow all the green hats as they pile into every Irish bar in the City, sink a Guinness for Saint Paddy and rock the night away until you can't find your way home!

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