How I turned my passion
for Glasgow into a business

and how simple you'll find it
to make a little extra from
your own life's passion

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I really hope you've been enjoying my little site about Glasgow.

In the wee video here (click the image to play in a new window) you can learn how I took my passion for my home town and turned it into this website, which pulls in thousands of visitors a month as well as a wee bit of money, even though I never seem to have the time to work on it.

So here's the thing - when I started this wee venture into cyberspace, I had no idea how to build a website, not a clue what HTML was, and no scooby at all about how I could run a site that makes money automatically. 

For a non-techy like me, all that stuff just seemed like nonsense!

But take a good look around my site and have a think about these things:

  1. You found my site. That's because I used some easy tools to make sure you did
  2. I've learned how to take my passion for Glasgow and write loads of pages that make it sound worth visiting (hopefully!), even though I'm anything but a writer
  3. and in the process I've started something magical that I'm proud of and that actually does generate money for me

Why am I yapping on about this? 

Travel Business

Well, like I say, hopefully you've enjoyed your time on my site. Hopefully you've seen how passionate I am about my City, and hopefully (do I use that word too often?!!), your mind will now have started thinking about what you're passionate about.

What's your favourite place in the world? What motivates you to get up in the morning? 

When I stumbled on Site Build It! (or "SBI!" for short) some years back, I soon realised that it's possible to earn a little extra from what you're thinking about right now, the one passion or idea you want to push aside your day job for and think about 27/4. 

I soon realised that with SBI! this wasn't going to be a get rich quick scheme - as I said before, I wanted to build something online I was proud of, something that also made me some cash on the side. 

And it's worked! 

I'm the proof in the pudding. I'm still pretty clueless about how the whole thing works, but at my own pace I've managed to build my little Top Ten Glasgow Guide into a traffic machine that pops up everywhere you look in the search engines, and every morning when I check my messages, I'll have a whack of emails not only telling me how much the site's made while I've been asleep (through stuff like Google Adsense ), but more importantly there'll be plenty from the folks who've just visited the site and wanted to thank me or ask for some help organising their trip here. 

That's what motivates me these days, and I feel so lucky to have learned through Site Build It! how to create something online that people enjoy.  

Scott Docherty

Me, enjoying life!

Don't just take it from me though - here's some certified proof that SBI! works.

So that's just a wee introduction to my online story, and I hope it's given you a wee bit of inspiration to do the same, to take your offline business to another level and get a website that actually works, or to turn your passion (or let's face it, even just something you're interested in!) into a new, credit-crunch-busting side income. 

Good luck & feel free to contact me if you want to hear more.

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