Let me forecast the Glasgow Weather - I'm singing in the rain...

But an old saying here is -
If you don't like the Glasgow weather
just wait 20 minutes!

 Refresh the page to see the different weather!

'Why's that?', you might ask.

Well, when it comes to our weather, I'd be lying if I said we're blessed with the greatest, but don't worry about that, because it changes almost constantly.

One minute you'll find that the weather here's kinda like being in LA, all sunblock & running for the shade, then when you turn your back the clouds fall, change to a deep grey & empty their dripping contents on your head when you least expect it.

For instance, here's today's Glasgow weather -

Now, if you come back to this page tomorrow and the weather's the same as today, I'll eat my hat!

OK, so I don't have a hat, but I'd be pretty shocked nonetheless.

I mean don't get me wrong here.

When you get off the plane for the first time, feel that gloomy, dark humidity drape itself over you as you enter the airport, you'll likely begin to think 'why did I bother getting off the plane?', but the thing about Glesca (and please remember I'm not working for the Tourist Industry here) is that you've got to put the weather here to one side.

This infectious City just doesn't care what the weather is. And I'm pretty sure that applies wherever you go in Scotland - who wants to climb Ben Nevis with the sun beating down on you?

Glasgow will have a ball whether it rains or shines, so don't come here thinking your good time will have to depend on the weather.

If you want sun & sand, visit the Maldives. But if you're looking to uneartha City that doesn't have to rely on the weather to attract you, Glasgow's your place!
So I'd just suggest that you pack shades as well as a rain mac, get up each morning you're here & take the weather as it comes.

That said, I'm writing this with the snow knee-deep outside, so you might want to check the forecast in advance just in case!

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