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The Lowdown

OK so don't get me wrong. I'm absolutely sure I'll be hunted down by wild dogs for even breathing the possibility that some of the Glasgow events listings out there are completely pointless.

But what can I say? Some of them really are!

I just don't understand why, when you're looking to plan a great time here, you have to trudge through reams & reams of pages, every one of them packed to the brim with appallingly short, poorly described events in Glasgow. The thing about finding the best event Glasgow has to offer YOU in particular, is that this is such apulsating, tight community that if something's on, there's a great chance you'll either know about it already (for example, if it's your favourite artiste) or will find out about it when you're here. In other words, you won't need some faceless list of what's on in Glasgow to zone in on what you'll enjoy.

Maybe I'm doing myself out of a job here, but hey, I'm just trying to save you a little time, so I really hope you don't mind.

So what I've done on this page is to list the regular, major Glasgow events and festivals which attract the most visitors to the City, and which crop up every year without fail. Some might be missing though, but please don't shoot me about that, because if it's not listed here, it's because I consider that it's not one of the big players yet (I'm not saying it's not a great event of course, or that it'll never be included here later on - boy am I covering my back big style!).

This little, general guide to what's on in Glasgow is just to give you a flavour of the many 'must see' and 'must attend' events to flesh out your visit to the City. For more specific, smaller Glasgow events (and there are literally hundreds of them every month here), unless there's something particular you know you'll want to see, in which case I'm pretty sure you won't need an events list to tell you when it is, your best bet is simply to get here, pick a venue suited to your taste and just enjoy what's playing when you're here. Plays, operas, music gigs, movies, art exhibitions, places you can just sit on the grass & picnic? Just have a wee look at my Top Ten Venues links above, as these are the places you should enjoy no matter what's on.

Alternatively, you'll always find things going on to interest you at one of the Top Ten Glasgow Attractions listed on the site, so again it's just a case of turning up and enjoying what's there. What can I say, I like to take it easy! Why bother cluttering up your plans by over-organising your visit, because in Glasgow, you'll find that events and ideas will simply turn up in front of you, allowing you the freedom to choose there & then what to do.

IMPORTANT - As for the Glasgow events you see on this page, I've not included dates because they change from year to year, but you can be sure that when you get here, you'll find out very easily what's on & when. So just take a look at the month you'll be here, note down what you like and look out for these Glasgow events when you get here or ask at the Tourist Information Office on George Square. Organising it more than that just spoils the fun!

Of course, if you do need any more advice on planning your time here, or want to know more about any specific Glasgow events, please contact me directly and I'll point you in the right direction.

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