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Over the years I've learned that there's an art to booking a cheap flight to Glasgow or indeed to anywhere else.

Obviously being a resident of Glasgow I normally look for flights going out of Glasgow, but I have to come back at some point & the same rules apply in finding the best deal.

So here's what I've picked up and I hope you find the tips useful.

Glasgow Easyjet Flight

TIP ONE: Always try to book early

If you've been typing cheap flight Glasgow into Google looking to book via a budget airline, you may have found that the airlines sell their tickets on a first-come-first-served basis.

They don't sell the rest of the tickets until closer to the flight date, and when they do the price will have been hiked up (that is of course, unless they've already sold out).

The budget airlines that fly in and out of Glasgow do sometimes offer late deals however, and a good idea would be to sign up to their newsletters etc. so that you'll be aware of any promos.

TIP TWO: Be flexible

I've found that in midweek there are more available cheap flights to Glasgow & back. Flights do tend to be cheaper than those at the weekend (for obvious reasons).

It's not just the day you choose to fly though. If you're willing to get out of bed before dawn, or happy to arrive at your destination late at night, the price will be normally be lower to reflect this.

The most expensive times are mid-morning and late afternoon, so avoid them if you can.

I remember recently that I went to book a cheap flight from Glasgow to London. The day I wanted to go was £29.99 each way, but if I booked even just the next day I could get it for 99p.

You can guess which one I booked!

TIP THREE: Get yourself some Airmiles

Ever heard of this? When I was flying in the past I'd hear the stewardess warbling on about collecting Airmiles and so on, and to be honest, it would go in one ear and straight out the other.

But having looked into this recently I've found that once I manage to grab a cheap flight from Glasgow, I can save even more cash by using my Airmiles points.

Airmiles was introduced in the 80s & rewards loyalty to certain airlines - it's like, they don't rely any longer on a simple 'Thank you please fly with us again' mantra when you're exiting the plane.

These days, with all the competition from budget airlines, more and more they're trying to save you even more money by not going elsewhere.

Bottom line? It's all good for us!

You can pick up Airmiles at Airmiles Nectar and Star Alliance or simply speak to the steward / stewardess on the flight you're on if they mention it.

All you need to do is to join one of these schemes, and whilst airlines do still reward you points for buying their flights, you can also build up your Airmiles simply by handing over your Nectar card for example, when you're shopping in places that accept them.

TIP FOUR: If you see a deal - GRAB IT!

You'd think that once you've managed to locate a cheap flight Glasgow Airport will be your next step only after you've firmed up on everything with your travel companions, but hold on a minute! If you're just a little unsure if you or anyone else can make the dates and so on, just book it anyway.

I always stick to this rule, because by the time I've sorted my holiday / vacation time at work or discussed the deal on offer with those I'm travelling with, it's too late!

The cheap flight Glasgow revealed is no longer cheap!

What I normally do therefore, is see what's available holiday-wise at work, check with those I'm travelling with about dates to avoid etc., and once everything's sorted I'm only then prepared to book once I find the deal.

Any changes that have to be made, for example to name, time and dates, can normally be made up until the day of departure and tend to incur fees of around only £10 or £15.

So I'd say it's worth a little risk, although of course it's up to you.

TIP FIVE: Always book online.

Whatever deal you find when looking for a cheap flight Glasgow and back, have a look online to see if it's on offer for even less.

The tendency is for airlines & its affiliates to offer a great deal of tickets online, because the cost to them is much less than operating High Street shops with employees taking lunchbreaks & seeking pay rises every year!

Booking online means that you can avoid the frustrating wait on the phone or the employee who couldn't really care whether you find the best deal.

Here's another example of my experience. When I was looking for a cheap flight Glasgow to Las Vegas in 2004, I remember trawling Glasgow City Centre with my wife Tracey.

We must have went into at least 15 different airline shops looking for a bargain. To our amazement, as we walked down Sauchiehall Street in the City, the further we went down & the more shops we went into, the prices on offer for a cheap flight from Glasgow just got higher and higher!

We ended up going back home exhausted from all that disappointment, and I happened to look online for a last chance at Glory.

Drum roll please...

...In about five minutes flat I managed to find an actual cheap flight Glasgow to Vegas. What was the catch? No waiting. No pulling out my hair in frustration. Five minutes! Just like that -

Of course, then I got the whole 'why didn't you just do that right from the start' from Tracey!

Who's the big winner?!!

TIP SIX: What exactly is the catch?

When you unearth that glorious deal online, you'll have to have in mind that with one click of the button there'll be a whack of extras added to the price you thought you were paying.

The only real snag in booking online I suppose is the fact that you'll likely have to pay a small credit card charge. You'll also have to pay the airport taxes and security fees.

Don't let all this put you off though, because the lower your cheap flight Glasgow and other sites offer you, the more you'll save in the long run - if the price is higher elsewhere you'll probably still have to pay the same amount of taxes etc. on top of what would be a higher fare.

Just bear it in mind before you get disappointed when you reach for your card at the payment screen.

TIP SEVEN: Sign up to the Airline Newsletters

Whilst it's always a good idea to keep your newsletter subscriptions to a minimum (to save on SPAM etc.), these updates are normally pretty useful, especially if you're a frequent flyer.

The last cheap flight from Glasgow I booked was after I'd received an update from the airline about the deals on offer.

Tracey also keeps an eye in the local newspapers for deals here and there - I'm sure it's much the same wherever you live - and pretty often manages to find one when she least expects it.

TIP EIGHT: Watch out for connecting flights

As I touched on in another page, this tip is pretty important!

As I've found out to my detriment in the past, the risk you take with budget airlines arises if you book connecting flights.

All of the budget airlines are point-to-point only. This means that they offer no transfer of luggage from one flight to another, so for every flight you take, you normally have to go through the whole check-in process again.

If you've booked a cheap flight from Glasgow to London Stansted, for example, and then another on to a European city a couple of hours later, you're going to be pushing it if there's a delay (which there often is).

All budget airlines operate such a quick turnaround procedure that even a half-hour delay on one flight can mean huge delays down the line as planes wait for take-off and landing slots at busy airports.

This will have an effect on any connecting flights, and if you miss the check-in time for your next flight, it's your responsibility.

Even if you're carrying on with the same airline, they'll offer you no refunds unless you're really lucky and have a very large petted lip! For this reason, it's vital to get yourself some travel insurance even if you think you've saved some money booking your cheap flight to Glasgow & back.

Other than that, you should safeguard yourself from problems by leaving large gaps between connecting flights.

You can imagine my own horror story here which I think Tracey wouldn't want me to repeat anyway!

TIP NINE: Where to go if you're long haul to Glasgow

As you can see, most of this guide is based on the idea that you'll have a connecting cheap flight Glasgow based or from somewhere else when you come here.

That said, with our airports now catering more and more for direct flights from all around the world, you still don't need to compromise on price.

I think that a lot of the time people book whatever fare they come across first or second rather than bother to look around.

If you're flying long haul or even just not on a budget airline, I've learned that it's best to stay away from the official airline sites.

I normally get a cheap flight from Glasgow via or which are affiliated with a great deal of the airlines and discount sites.

TIP TEN: Which Budget Airline to choose?

Glasgow Airport Easyjet

If you're not flying long haul, the place I would normally go to first for a cheap flight Glasgow & back is Easyjet but only when it's via Glasgow International Airport.

If I can't find a deal there though, I would usually then go to Kelkoo. 

Whilst you could spend days & hours looking for the best cheap flight Glasgow & back, I've done this a lot before but found that nine times out of ten I've come back to Easyjet or Kelkoo because of the deals they have.

So I hope you find this little guide useful when you look for a cheap flight to Glasgow. As I said, you don't have to break the bank, and if you use the links above you should have a deal in your hands in no time! Hopefully now you won't waste hours on end typing cheap flight glasgow, cheap flight glasgow, cheap flight glasgow... into the search engines.

Good luck.

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