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Follow the real map of Glasgow Scotland

Natter. The only map of Glasgow Scotland you'll need

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Just Open - New Glasgow Airport Car Park

Drop what you're doing right now! Ready? Now, take a look at the brand spanking new Abbotsinch car park that has just opened up at Glasgow's busiest airport. Pretty Earth-trembling stuff, isn't it? I'll be adding this info to my Top Ten Guide in a few minutes - I just can't wait...

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My Ten Best Glasgow Restaurants

The only Glasgow Restaurants Guide online that lists only the best

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Top Ten Guide to Glasgow Prestwick Airport

I'll get you in, around and out Glasgow Prestwick Airport in no time

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The Thirteenth Year of Glasgow Folk

Now in its 13th year, Celtic Connections has grown from a small event to fill the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall's winter programme, to one of the most prestigious music festivals in the world. Book your tickets now...

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Whit dae ye mean who ur ye?

In response to your queries about who the hell I am, well, as me old ma once said to me, spatula in hand, 'Scott', she said, 'you'll never amount to much in this life...' ...but after pausing for what to me was a long, agonising second she continued, 'so get the hell out my house'. So I packed my things in a brown satchel, wandered off down the dusty road and became as rich as my little brain could make up. I'm now happily married to Tracey, live in the Southside of Glasgow, trudge through the days as a negligent lawyer, get drunk as a skunk every Friday at the Glasgow Garage (Keep on Truckin'!), and well, that's about it if you don't count the regular stodge consumption of chips & cheese. But less about me. I'll get some shiny pictures up for you in due course once I've touched them up to make them look Hollywood-esque. In the meantime, let me know all about you, because I'll tell you, the more I know about those of you visiting my site, the quicker I'll shake that crazy 'Watch this guy - he's offensive' tag pinned on my egg-stained t-shirt (which if you're really interested I'll sell on ebay - don't worry, cheap as chips...). See you soon.


Happy New Year
Phew - time to take a back seat for a second. The last few weeks have been fantastic - spent XMas with family and friends and the Bells in Stamperland (Southside of Glasgow). Having said that, all this detox nonsense is starting to sound like a pretty decent idea! Hope you had a suitably over-indulgent time as well. Looking forward to really getting my blog going in 2006, and as always, your input is more than appreciated. Arrabest & see you soon!


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Back Glasgow's Bid

What an opportunity! If you've not done so already, sign up to back Glasgow's bid for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. I'm sure that Canada, Nigeria and so on may well be able to present a nice, glossy show for all the watching hordes in their armchairs and their sudden guilt-fuelled fitness drives. But what about the heart?

Why should Glasgow always always (and yes that's 'always') be the choice City for events like this, where the organisers scratch their heads for inspiration as their shoulders just heave with the burden of competing against the TV Remote, its faded buttons confident in their familiar choice of reality show and cartoon?

To stand out and be noticed, the Games need nothing more than a little heart. They need to be pumped full of life by passionate crowds, who in turn propel the competing athletes towards their dreams. That's what makes folks watch.

So why is Glasgow the best choice to make that happen? Well, if you have to ask that then you've clearly never been here!

For our own part, hosting the 2014 Games will generate a buzzing hive of improvement in the City over the next Decade. When they were held in Manchester in 2002, about 6,000 jobs were created, and the City attracted 300,000 visitors & 18 Million Pounds to the local economy.

So visit the Official Site and Back the Bid - Send the Games to where they belong!

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Smoking Ban Starts in Glasgow

Smoking Ban Starts in Glasgow

As of 6am, 26th March 2006, Glasgow's public places are now smoke free.

Now read that again, because what an astounding piece of news it is. I mean, all the arguments about Glasgow smokers losing their human rights, all that tosh about businesses losing income as a result, every piece of diatribe complaining of our new 'Nanny State' Scottish Executive, just put all that in a very large box made of paper, and burn it.

I hate coming over all political and angry at the best of times, simpleton as I am, but when it comes to smoking, I just can't help shouting on the rooftops as loud as I possibly can that this ban should have come into force yonks ago. No argument. It's like, I've always thought that if aliens were to land in the middle of Buchanan Street on a Saturday afternoon, primetime for shoppers, or even if it were just folks from the future, they'd take one look at this wierd fascination we have with white sticks filled with hot crap that makes us die quicker, and wonder just what the hell we were doing. They'd be laughing and scratching their heads at us all the way back home.

So Purveyors of Darkness and Doom, Knights of the Unproportionate Human Rights, get some perspective. The ban on smoking in Glasgow and the rest of Scotland can onlybe a good thing, so suck it up.

And to our dear foreign visitors, all I can say is 'Welcome. Welcome to our new improved green City that cares more about your health than it does about perpetuating one of the most tragic failings in the human psyche. I hope you have a nice time, now that you won't be coughing up ash as you enter the plane on the way back home.'

A good day for Scotland.

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annual School Olympics

The Olympics in Glasgow - Who'd have thunk it?

In yesterday's Budget, Chancellor Gordon Brown let loose that from September 2006, the UK will be holding annual School Olympics throughout the country.

The first will likely be held in Glasgow's Scotstoun Athletics Centre and Tollcross Park Swimming Pool. It'll attract 1200 competing weans and will be shown live on TV. So now, given the tangible risk that Glasgow's populace makes the lethargic decision to watch the whole thing on the box rather than simply walk round the corner and see it in person, I think that now's the time to start drumming up some excitement about the event, particularly given that it's likely to give at least a small taste of what we'll be treated to if the Commonwealth Games come to Glasgow in 2014.

It's like this - The better, more explosive the atmosphere we can bring to this event, the clearer it'll be to the 2014 Selection Committee that Glasgow should get the nod.

So Glasgow, in the words of Shakespeare's Cressida, 'Things won are done, joy's soul lies in the doing', or alternatively those of Jimmy McGlumpherty, 'Get yer arse in gear ya lazy wee tool ye'. All we need is just a tiny bit of enthusiasm and Glasgow will end up gleaming from these kind of events. So let's get it on.

At least for those of you visiting the City during September it'll be something else to add to the never-ending list of things to do...

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Marseilles - Glasgow's New Twin

Marseilles - Glasgow's New Twin

Glasgow has gone and found itself another twin City. Personally, I recommend it, although it's a small wonder how six Cities around the world could look exactly alike.

What's that? I don't get the concept? Hey now...

What I'm really looking forward to though, is that this will give me a great opportunity to blag free food and drink in another City simply for being Glaswegian. OK, so the last time I said to a waiter that I was his twin didn't really work out, but I reckon that was just the language barrier and the confusing look I got when I held up to him a poster of Big Arnie and Danny DeVito...

Well, have a look at the story anyway. It's all good.

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St. Patrick's Day Hat

Come on Glasgow - Make St. Patrick's Day Official

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Mine will be a Guinness tonight in celebration, what with all my Irish blood and all.

I'll tell you, what I would give right now to be in New York or Dublin doing it all properly. I mean, don't get me wrong, you'll find it hard to have a better time celebrating today in anywhere other than Glasgow, but I'm putting my pennies-worth in right now - Why does Glasgow not have a St. Patrick's Day Festival? Eh? Eh? That's what I thought. If London can have one, well, there's absolutely no reason why we shouldn't as well. Yes, fair enough we don't even celebrate St. Andrew's Day properly and have a City half full of Rangers fans who'd likely take the huff, but hey, I'd enjoy it. Do it for me then.

So what do you say? Let's make it official - turn the Clyde green for the day (well, more green, that is...), change the banners in George Square to green, sprinkle clovers over Buchanan Street - Anything to make the whole day more fun and I'll be happy.

OK, so after a few jars of the Black Stuff I'll be happy anyway, but who's with me?

I'm off to listen to the Pogues and dance a wee jig until I'm thrown out of Court...


R.I.P. Jimmy Johnstone

Wee Jinky Johnstone, considered by some to be the greatest player ever to grace the Hoops of Glasgow Celtic FC, has died.

The years he suffered from MND did nothing to diminish his legacy in Scottish Football, and both Celtic and Rangers fans together as well as every fan of football will mourn this sad loss for years to come.

God rest his soul.

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Surprise Glasgow Snowfall - March 2006

Surprise Glasgow Snowfall - March 2006

This Sunday morning I staggered out of the Glasgow Garage at 3am-ish, thinking as usual that I'd just cross the road and grab myself a wee Chicken Fried Rice for the journey home, only to be met with clubber after clubber heading straight back into the club.

The reason for this unfortunately was not because the licensing laws had finally been completely relaxed, but that Glasgow had just been hit by an amazing snowfall. The entire City was covered, and as a result, an estimated 3,000 fellow clubbers were stuck in the Centre as the taxis and buses couldn't get in. So we all slept in the clubs and hotels until the morning, when everyone woke up and began the snowfight to end them all. My sympathy goes out not only to those caught in the crossfire, but also to the folks stuck at Glasgow Airport which completely buckled and ground to a halt for the day, as did plenty of roads around the City.

Anywho, to give you a little taste of what the City was treated to, I've created a new gallery and will be adding to it as time goes on. The images are free for you to re-use if you like, and I'd welcome any photos and stories you may have from Glasgow's fun day in the snow.

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You're having a laugh!

If you're going to be in Glasgow between the 9th and the 25th of this month, find yourself a seat at a venue for the Miller Glasgow International Comedy Festival.

I'm thinking of booking tickets to see Phil Kay at the Tron. Very funny guy if he gets on the right track. Most of the gigs and events are pretty cheap, so it's well worth heaving yourself away from the norm and have a wee giggle at some inane humour for a while.

In the meantime, wee Tam goes into a pub and says to the barman 'Quick, gimme a beer before the trouble starts!'. The barman looks around the sleepy pub, shrugs and hands Tam a bottle of beer. He downs it in one gulp. 'Quick! Gimme another beer before the trouble starts!'. The barman looks at him oddly but hands over another beer. Wee Tam drinks it fast. 'Quick, another beer before the trouble starts!'. The barman hands him another beer, with a frown on his face, but hands it over reluctantly. Again, Tam drinks it down PDQ. 'Quick, another beer before the trouble starts!'. The barman replies, 'Look pal, exactly what trouble are you talking about?'. 'I haven't got any money!'

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Erskine Bridge

Glasgow's new free link to the beautiful North

'And about time too', some would say. Others, like yourself, might say something like 'Scott, have you nothing better to do but dribble pointless utterings over your blog like you've got the brain capacity of a golden retriever, tongue out & primed in anticipation of some invisible bone of interest being thrown for you to scramble after? Don't waste my time, loser!'. Or something like that.

But hey now. I've decided that to keep things juicy, my new thing will be to report some important and interesting news about Glasgow whenever it crops up. I mean, just imagine me now sitting behind my newsdesk, make-up plastered on my cheesy face and the whole world just waiting for their TV to explode when I appear on screen, my every word lighting a fuse to the bomb of truth. 'Yeah, OK Scott, calm the beans there!', you might add.

And what better news to impart first than the fact that I learned yesterday that from 1st April 2006, the Erskine Bridge, one of the main arteries connecting Glasgow with the delights of Loch Lomond and beyond, will be completely free to cross.

Up until now, you'll have been charged 60p a pop for the privilege, but I reckon the disclosure of the 40 Million profit the Government made over the years from that nasty little toll fare might have had something to do with the decision to scrap the cost, rather than the whole 'ease conjestion' mince we're being fed with as a justification.

Either way, I welcome it. I travel the bridge both ways every day to get to work, and Tracey and I are now discussing what to do with the 24 pounds extra we'll have spare each month. My first thought was that we could dive straight into the travel agents, but of course the most likely outcome will be that it'll be added to Tracey's already burgeoning shopping budget.

So whilst it may be the case that I'd like to encourage you all to come to Glasgow, if you end up actually heading here then you should take this new free opportunity to explore the outstanding scenery only a few miles away up North. Just please don't buy a 'See you Jimmy' hat before you go!


Acceptance Speech

I know I know. Spare me the yadeh yadeh! I've been receiving a few messages recently from visitors watching the dust settle gradually on my little blog. Lobey's no happy either! He's told me I've just been nominated for the Laziest Blogger Ever Award. Apparently the ceremony will be held on 17th March in the ruins of the ol' Glesga Plaza, no red carpet this year given the dissapointing lack of genuine sponsorship offers. Sean Connery's been asked to dish out the award, but Boaby Chief Taxman's going to be in the audience, so I guess that one's out the window. If I win, I'll be thanking the usual suspects and promising to keep up the good work, tiring as it is. If I lose however, well, you can bet that when the cameras turn to my seat they'll find nothing but a half-eaten Subway Melt, my public rejection having bludgeoned me away to the Glasgow IMax to see V for Vendetta. Ah, the trials of having celebrity status. So anywho, I get the point, and will just have to brush aside in rather negligent fashion my daily legal work, concentrating more on dispensing nonsense to the masses. And on that note...

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Lionness Sunset

New stunning images

Having recently visited Blair Drummond Safari Park in Stirling, near Glasgow, I've finally got round to uploading a few pages for you about it.

I recommend going there if you've got some time to spare in Glasgow, and by the time I come to building my list of the top ten places to go near Glasgow, without a shadow of a doubt this park'll be right up there in all its shiny glory.

Check out why below...

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Patti Smith Image

Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Visual Art

Phew. What a title.

Glasgow City Council has announced this year's GI Festival: Glasgow's festival of contemporary visual art returns on 19th April until 1st May, with an exciting programme of exhibitions, seminars and talks across 30 venues.

Glasgow International, curated by Francis McKee, is expected to attract more than 25,000 visitors and firmly establish Glasgow as a leading destination for international art fans.

A major highlight is set to be The Work of Patti Smith, an exhibition at the Mitchell Library of drawings, paintings and photographs by the artist, poet and punk rock icon. Curated by Ben Harman of GoMA, the exhibition will feature works from 2002 retrospective Strange Messenger, which was held at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.

Glasgow artist Ross Sinclair, who created neon installations for last year's Radiance festival, will present his debut exhibition of paintings at the CCA – a project titled Real Life Painting Show that investigates the role of colour in transforming perception and meaning.

Another local artist exhibiting is Karla Black, whose process-based sculptures will be created on site at a new gallery space on Dixon Street. Made from such materials as Vaseline, tissue and polythene, the objects will explore aspects of gender, psychoanalysis and psychology.

South African artist William Kentridge will address the legacy of apartheid and colonialism in his home country with his show at Glasgow School of Art, featuring charcoal drawings, prints, collages, animation and film, while at the Modern Institute Mark Handforth from Miami will present a new large-scale, site-specific sculpture.

In total, the festival will feature new work and commissions by some 140 artists. Some of the biggest names in British art will be represented in Material World, for which the Gallery of Modern Art has selected 17 sculptures from the Arts Council Collection, including pieces by Edward Lipski, Sarah Lucas, Rachel Whiteread and Grayson Perry.

So if you'll be here between 19th April and 1st May, I'd suggest that you check out the official site below and get yourself along for a wee bit of Glasgow's unique art and culture.

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John Hartson Winning Goal

Hail Hail my Glasgow Celtic Champions

At 11.10pm when Glasgow Celtic went out of Europe against Bratislava at the start of this season, our new Manager Gordon Strachan's watch stopped. Last night he let loose that he still had that watch on his wrist as a reminder, still showing 11.10pm.

A class act, and I'm glad his name was chanted by the whole of Celtic Park last night, me included, as we beat Hearts 1-0 to win the SPL title.

So there you go. I've been keeping my affiliation masked as the site began to grow, and I'll try to be as fair as possible to the other teams in Scotland whenever I report from now on, mainly as a means of ensuring I can walk the streets without having to look over my shoulders every two seconds (to the tourists out there though - don't worry, I'm only kidding - just amplifying a stereotype for poetic effect).

But for me, last night was simply outstanding. The atmosphere at Parkhead was electric, and when big John Hartson knocked in his goal, well, absolutely everyone going through life should be allowed to experience a moment like that.

So I'll keep this short, so as not to annoy the other half of Glasgow's football community as well as those who couldn't care less about the game:

From one, tired and hungover fan of the Magnificent Bhoys in the Green and White, congratulations and thanks for the memory.


the iTour

New iTour of Glasgow's world famous Music Scene

Just got this from the icscotland site, and am definitely going to check it out and report to you.

From Stephen McKenna: 'You've heard of the iPod and iTunes. Now there is a new addition to the digital age - the iTour. What is that I hear you say? The iTour is an amazingly innovative new concept for your mp3/CD player. Created by Tennents Lager with support from the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, the iTour is a downloadable mp3 file, which gives the user an audio tour of Glasgow's famous musical hotspots.

The tour entitled Glasgow: Sounds of a Music Capital is narrated by famous Beat 106 DJ Jim Gellatly. The iTour comes with a map of the city and whilst listening to their mp3 player and using the map for navigation, city visitors and veterans alike can take a trip to The Horseshoe Bar where Travis used to play and rehearse or visit the trendy Glasgow School of Art where Franz Ferdinand used to play.

The extensive map gives detailed information on and exact locations (and telephone numbers if you get lost) of some of the coolest places to go in Glasgow's music scene. Not only does the tour take in venues but also places of inspiration such as music shops and the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA). The tour covers the hustle and bustle of Glasgow's city centre and it also takes you to the student haven that is the West end.

Franz Ferdinand

Best of all the iTour is free. Free to download, free to share and free to copy. Tennents are being truly pioneering and groundbreaking with their ethos behind this tour. They realise that in today's digital world to make something popular it should be available instantly and if it is free then it will be even more popular.

I can see this catching on in other cities throughout the UK and abroad, with Liverpool being the next obvious one to take you on a tour through the city that spawned The Beatles.'

And now, you can even download the new Light Magic: The life and work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and get a pratical and realtime insight into the life and works of one of the most revered characters in Scottish history.

Technology eh? I'm away to prepare my ears for a listening they'll never forget...

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Xscape, Braehead

Xscape Braehead Glasgow Launch Party

Tomorrow evening sees Glasgow open its new and slick entertainment venue, Xscape, Braehead.

Featuring indoors (always a good idea in Glasgow) a Snowslope, rock climbing, skypark, cinema, Robocoaster and a great deal more, this looks like it could become one of the hottest attractions in town.

We're planning on going once the rush dies down a bit, and I'll no doubt furnish you thereafter with plenty of photos of me breaking my leg ski-ing, falling off a rock, being sick on the Robocoaster and so on - you get the general idea...

If you can make the launch party tomorrow though, I'd recommend you shimmy along, as it's promising to be a free night of extreme amusement. As for me, best to leave it for a while methinks, at least until my old denial of danger mechanisms kick in and allow me to face my fears with confidence.

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You don't need to tell us pal...

The legendary Fodor has brought out a new edition of its Scotland guidebook, and it rates Glasgow as the most exciting City in Scotland to visit.

I mean come on, I could've told you that. A trained monkey could've told you that.

I'd recommend this guidebook though if you're coming over for a while. It's a global name in the traveller's guide market, and the Fodor books always try to narrow in on the information you'll need most rather than just on the general mush you could learn by simply walking about the place.

And if it says that Glasgow is the greatest, I mean how could you go wrong after that?

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West End Festival of Glasgow

The Coolest Festival in Glasgow

It's back. The West End Festival of Glasgow parades down our streets between 9th and 25th June 2006.

Expect to see over 200 music, film, art and performance events dotted around the Westend area, with street parties and parades, salsa and steel bands, and a pure explosion of colour and fun packed into the few weeks it's on.

We used to have Mayfest in the City, but that died its death about 10 years ago, and this little festival has been growing every year as true testament to how cultural Glasgow's become in recent times despite its working class, smokey past.

So pop along if you have the time, take in some events on the street, grab a few drinks and enjoy a picnic in the sun on the Botanic Gardens grass.

And if you see me there, well, please just treat me sympathetically and point to me the way home...

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Da Vinci Code

Da Vinci Code puzzles Glasgow

Tonight, 19th May, pretty much every Glasgow cinema screen will be packed to the brim as they unveil the hotly-anticpated Da Vinci Code movie.

If you're here tonight I'd recommend getting along to either Cineworld on Renfrew Street or the Odean down at Anderson Quay, as their massive size will ensure you'll be more likely to get a seat.

As for me, I think I'll wait until the crowds die down. Whilst I've been hearing all about how much of a pile of dry mince it all is, never mind how controversial, I get the impression that if I don't go and see it, I'll be looked at like I've got two heads.

When it comes to the Holy Grail though, I'm firm in my resolve that you'll never find a more revealing and sensible movie about the whole thing than Monty Python's The Holy Grail. I mean, the pure historical research that went into that.

That said, I just can't wait to see a fat Tom hanks with dodgy hair having fistycuffs with the freshly evil Anakin Skywalker (well take a look for yourself - if they've not gone for that look when plastering the make-up on Paul Bettany, I won't know who to believe any more - maybe that's all part of the conspiracy...)

Yeah, whatever.


Lightning Slow Blogger

Lightning Slow Blogger Strikes Again

Hey there folks. The Lightning Slow Blogger strikes again.

I've been crazy busy over the last few weeks dispensing justice throughout the land, that there's been no time at all to keep the momentum of nonsense going in my little blog. Yeah, take all the time you need pal, I hear you say...

...So I hope to get it going again soon. You could say that I was jolted into action last night, what with all those wacky thunderstorms and lightning in Glasgow and beyond. Tracey and I were thinking of going to the movies but were too scared to go out (obviously I gave the brave manly excuse that it wasn't safe enough for Tracey though, trying as I was to hide my own wet patches).

What a pullava anyway - our Sky TV went off for about 10 minutes. Then our terrestrial TV started blinking. Tracey and I turned to each other - the very thought that we might have to start talking to each other. I'm telling you, the scene in our flat when the 10 minutes were up, Tracey's hands loosening around my neck as the TV flickered back on. Marriage saved by a thread.

Hey now, don't worry now - all's well in paradise. It was just a joke. Seriously. Look Tracey, I've told them - you can loosen your grasp again...

:-) - the face of a serial kidder. See you all soon.


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Rail Map of Glasgow

Unlimited Rail Pass Coming Soon

It's just been announced over here that visitors to Glasgow will soon be offered an unlimited rail pass covering the City's airports, shopping centres and tourist attractions.

The provisional title is a 'Rover Pass', and it'll be designed to cure the difficulties Glasgow experiences at present in attempting to shuttle our fair foreign friends around without their getting lost or otherwise bored out their skins with waiting.

Just goes to show how much the Tourist Board's really pushing the boat out these days to make the place as accessible as other major hotspots, and about time too if you ask me.

In the meantime, I've also just found out that the Trinidad and Tobago Tourist Board is organising a 'thank you' concert in George Square in the City. It's to thank the Scots for supporting them so voraciously against England in the World Cup, a stance which has been attracting a great deal of criticism from down South for some reason. It's just all crazy I tell you.

Should be pretty exciting though. They'll be coming on 15th July and will be bringing a reggae band ('Flame'), limbo dancers, cultural dancers and musician SW Storm, and some of the team will be there to join in the fun. And here's the main attraction - if you'll be here and pop along to the Square on the 15th, you'll likely see me dressed quite unfashionably in bright colours and making a complete fool of myself trying to dance in a way that I just don't know how. Be sure to take your camera...

...I can just see you, banging as hard as you can on the door of the Tourist Board, pleading for them to hurry up with the cheap rail pass out of the City.


Is Glasgow cheap to visit?

Answer - 'Aye, it is pal'. Have a look at this article below and see why.

So I guess I don't have an excuse now. Normally when I get to the bar on nights out in Glasgow, I'll baulk at the £2.40 pints I have to cough up for. Really, I should be thinking of places like London where you'll have to sell your house before thinking about getting a round in. ;-)

So it's all good for us miserly Scots - we'll shake our reputation one of these days I tell you...

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Buchanan Galleries

Glasgow shops till it drops

Yeah OK, so never mind what I said yesterday about taking time off to move house etc.

Shopping, in Tracey's mind, always always takes priority, and when she got the news that Glasgow has just taken another huge step towards being a 24-hour shopping mecca, I was literally strong-armed to the PC to make the appropriate announcement.

For some time now there have been a number of increasingly large shopping centres popping up in the outskirts of the City, each of them easily accessible from the M8 Motorway (eg. Braehead, the innovatively open-air Glasgow Fort, and the soon-to-be-completed shopping beast, Silverburn, in Pollok). As a result, it's been fairly noticable that the City Centre has had to cut prices and generally buck up its ideas to ensure it continues to attract the vast quantities of Traceys out there looking to spend their hard-earned greens, and Glasgow truly has been earning its mantle as the UK's best shopping City outside London.

So much so that now we've heard that Buchanan Galleries and St. Enoch Centre, two large bastions of shopping utopia in the City Centre, are launching a pilot scheme soon which could very well involve late-night opening every day of the week.

For Tracey, this is like being told she's won the Lottery. For me, it's like being told that Tracey's won the Lottery and plans to drag me around the shops when I should really be nuzzling into my pillow fast asleep (or alternatively out clubbing until the wee hours - a much better way of spending time I'd say...).

So I'll keep you posted on this pretty exciting development in Glasgow's upsurgence - Until then, I'm off to earn the wife's shopping budget. :-(


Moving house during a Wold Cup?

I must be crazy.

This is the main reason I've not been blogging for a while. To be honest, I could really have bored to you all to tears with the ins and outs of my house move (which is due to complete in the middle of next month), or even fill you in on my non-insighful insights into every World Cup game - I can see the Title now...'Loser Glaswegian with Lobey Dosser Complex Attempts to Convince the World that Ecuador Will Win the World Cup'.

However, I've simply not had the time, and in any event I'm sure that neither bears much relevance at all to the Dear Green Place.

So, I'll be back soon guys and gals, and hope to be filling out the site with much more in the way of essential info and so on.

I can just anticipate the baited breath of Nations...


Easyjet Photo

Easyjet extends service to Glasgow Airport

Easyjet has just announced that it will be boosting its Glasgow flights service, meaning more choice and flexibility if you're travelling here from Gatwick Airport in London.

Whilst Glasgow Airport handles long-haul flights to the City, if you're looking for a cheaper option then Easyjet may well be your answer.

I'll get back to you on this once it's clear exactly what the extended service will provide, but at this point, it seems clear that if you'll be struggling to find a cheap flight to Glasgow, you might save some cash by flying to London first and then onto an Easyjet to here.

If more planes are headed in this direction in the future, it just goes to show how magnetic Glasgow is.

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Comments please...

Following a wee bit of jiggery pokery, I've managed to get a comments link on my bloglets.

You'll see it appearing from now on if my wandering brain remembers to put it in, and whilst it's just a link to my contact page where you normally provide your comments, I've sussed that this makes it easier for you to get there.

So keep the vitriol to as minimum a level as you can, and I'll likely post the (no doubt edited to make me sound better) comments in upcoming bloglets.

Basically, I'm looking for reactions to my posts, any news on Glasgow you think everyone will be interested in, general guff about the place that's witty or otherwise, and well, anything really as long as it's relevant (yeah, like yer own posts Docherty). Also, if you're looking for more info from me or need any tips, you can do that too.

I look forward to the big wave of nonsense on the horizon...



I'm back

Well, that's us moved into our swanky new house in the Glesga 'burbs. I'm beginning to look a bit like Tom Hanks already, what with my new neighbours and their jaunty stride and their suspicious ways and all. I'll be watching.

I'd provide you all with a nice wee photo, but given the level of hate mail I've been receiving of late (due principally to the complete dribbling tripe pouring out of my keyboard these days, wasting the time of many an avid reader seeking solace from more of the same), I think I'll give that a miss for personal safety reasons.

So anywho, I just thought I'd let you all know that I'll be back as soon as the boxes are unpacked and my thinking cap gets screwed back on.

In the meantime, thanks for your messages of support in this, the most stressful period of my life since that incident with the banana and a long garden hose.



St. Enoch Centre in Glasgow

What did I say about shopping?

Last month I moaned about the increasing amounts being invested in the Glasgow shopping experience, and the resulting explosion of competition between the various City Centre malls and suburbian shopping meccas.

Now I hear that one of Scotland's biggest, St. Enoch Centre in Glasgow, is now going to undergo a £100m development. I mean what can we men folk do in the face of this onslaught of terror-driven retail?

I'm beginning to think that there's a cabal of rich housewives huddled round their teapot somewhere in Glasgow, plotting as we speak to invest their millions in such a fashion that all us men folk, and our hate of all things shop, feel we have no option but to up sticks and trudge our way out of the city, seeking solace in the quiet towns where we'll face nothing but a corner shop selling only tins and cheap booze, and a pub with a large TV connected to every football channel under the sun. With no cut-price sales, no torturous, winding aisles and their conveyor belt drag towards the till. Just a wee bit of peace and quiet on a Saturday afternoon.

Now that's utopia - none of your 'retail therapy' rubbish, and that's exactly what those conspiring housewives have been planning I tell you. Just watch out for them. They might seem innocent and busy with home-making, but it's all a front. Mafia-esque, that's all I'm saying.

Anywho, the new centre will have a cinema, new restaurants, and even bars and nightclubs, so I guess that's something. It's bascially going to create an even stronger City Centre in terms of pulling power if you're interested in that sort of thing, and yes, I'm sure in any event, despite my crying like a spoiled little baby, none of my moaning will stop Tracey from dragging me round the place every waking minute she has free.

When does the football season start again?...


Kelvingrove Museum Reopens

World Famous Kelvingrove Museum Reopens

Following a particularly long three years after it closed for major refurb, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum of Glasgow reopens today.

This is one huge development for the City, basically given that when it closed in 2003 it was our most popular free tourist attraction.

Glasgow has grown and changed a lot since then and is able to offer to visitors a big bucket of brilliant, well, stuff (couldn't think of another 'b'), but when the Kelvingrove reopens it'll be set to rejoin the list of even Europe's top draws, never mind Glesga.

The website below gives you a detailed insight into the history of the museum and its magnificent restoration. It's pretty breathtaking just how much thought was put into the project, and once I get a chance I'll push my way through the crowds to see what it's now like inside.

The exhibitions and events that are there at the moment are Building Stories, a look into the actual restoration, Annual Art Competition for Young People, which is populated by work from Glasgow's talented kids, Mackintosh Festival Talks, all about that wee Charles Rennie fella wot built aw they big buldins an that, and soon there'll be Organ Recitals, which will be about the museum's world-famous organ that's now been beautifully restored.

Of course, you can take a tour around the place and take in the wonder of its architecture and the other galleries and artifacts inside, and who knows, you might find you end up spending a great deal of the day enjoying yourself...

To the Kelvingrove from the City of Culture - 'A Big Welcome Back Tae Ye'.

Click for more info


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Merchant City Festival 2006

Enjoy the Merchant City Festival 2006

Is it almost September already? Oh boy.

Tracey's just reminded me that it's only four more pay days until Christmas. I mean come on.

Anywho, this coming month sees the return of the Merchant City Festival in Glasgow. It runs between 20th and 24th September, and based on past expectations, is guaranteed to provide fun all around, well, for me anyway.

If you don't know about Merchant City, it's a wee network of vibrant, stylish streets just next to George Square. If you're on the Square, head towards the City Chambers, pass it to the right and keep going.

Merchant City

The cobbled streets are beginning to sparkle with all the chic bars, restaurants and clubs, and the entire area is now known as being as cool and relaxed (if not a little more so) as the West End.

The Festival itself has been growing with the area, and this year there's a packed programme including music, theatre, comedy, film, food and exhibitions, about 300 events in total.

Have a look at the official site below for a flavour of what's going on this year.

You know, I'm constantly amazed by how much Glasgow's completely nailed these types of events as the years go on. The amount of effort put into them is just astounding, and what's surprising for those with a tunnel-vision view of the traditional, shipyard-borne Glaswegian, is that we've been embracing this new wave of continental culture for quite a number of years now (without forgetting our glorious past of course), evidenced by the fact that in festivals all around the City throughout the year, the streets have been lined heavily with mingling citizens and visitors alike, tasting the experience and taking with them a little slice of colour before floating back into the 9 to 5.

Me included, and as like the years before you'll be seeing me pop in and about as many events as I can before nestling into a corner of my favourite place in the area, Arta, which is a fantastic chunk of mediterranean cool, with a tapas restaurant, bars, internal courtyard, club rooms and decently-priced opulence all around. Well worth a visit.

So if you're here at the tail-end of September, why not pop down to the Merchant City and join in the fun.


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New Security Update

Glasgow and Prestwick Airports have relaxed some of their security restrictions following last week's developments, so to be sure about what they are if you're travelling to or from Glasgow in the next week or so, please check the link below.

I flew from Prestwick to Belgium on Friday there, and came back to Prestick from Amsterdam yesterday. My flights experienced no real delays, and the only difference I noticed was the lack of hand luggage allowed.

I did get to use one of the snazzy clear plastic bags for my wallet and passport etc., but as you'll see below, this is no longer necessary.

So as before, I think the relaxed restrictions will affect mainly those flights via the US, but you should check with your airline before you fly just to be sure of the position.


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Glasgow Airports Security Update

If you've been watching the news this morning, you will see that there have been a great deal of cancellations and restrictions placed on flights in and out of the UK.

Please note that Glasgow Airport and Prestwick Airport remain open at this point, but are subject to some delays as a result of the extra security measures being put in place following the arrest of some would-be terrorists.

I'd recommend that if you're in any doubt about whether your flight to Glasgow or flight from Glasgow has been affected, you should contact your airline.

The link below is to the Department of Transport which has the most up to date information about baggage restrictions and so on, and you can also go direct to the baa site for our airports as well.

I get the impression that the flights mainly affected are those travelling to and from the US, but as I say, it's best to check it out immediately for yourself to make sure you know what's happening.

I'm supposed to be going to Brussels tomorrow from Prestwick Airport, so I hope everything is sorted by then...


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Glasgay 2006

Glasgay Festival Boost

It's just been announced over here that Glasgay, one of Scotland's most colourful and gay festivals, is about to be given such a hugefinancial boost it'll soon become a major international event.

Basically, Glasgay is a citywide celebration of gay culture, and to be perfectly honest, given the amount of effort the organisers have put into the event over the years, even if you're not gay but you like the joy of a camped up party, if you're over here in August you should take a look.

Even before this announcement, the event has attracted loads of visitors from all over the world year in year out.

This time around, despite the lineup not being announced until mid-August, I understand that highlights of the programme will include a number of high-profile drama commissions, including the first Scottish production of Alan Bennett's classic monologues Talking Heads. Other titles to be expected are Balletstar GalacticaDie, Mommie, DieWhatever Happened to Baby Jane, and The History Boys.

The event was born in 1993, and since then it's expanded to a whole month in length. It's held in over 20 venues across Glasgow, and is the largest multi-art form festival of its kind in Europe, offering pretty much everything but the kitchen sink in terms of performance, film, theatre, music, dance, comedy, club nights, literature events and so on.

There's also four months of visual arts at the Q Gallery, Glasgay's space dedicated to gay art and artists.

The whole point of the thing is to celebrate talent and diversity within the professional international lesbian and gay artistic community, as well as providing a platform for artists still trying to get their name about town.

I tell you, watch out for a manic assault on the senses, cause it's bound to be a whole big bag of culture comin atcha...(sorry, just a wee bit too excited methinks)



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The Best Italian Restaurant in Glasgow

Yes yes, cue the gasps of breath.

After a month's exodus from all things Glasgow, I'm back with a new page. Not just a wee bloglet full of the usual nonsense, but an actual, proper, no holes barred, grown up page.

We recently celebrated my mum's 60th birthday (it's OK, we're allowed to talk about it - she's relishing the prospect of being asked by someone younger if she wants a seat on the bus) at Ristorante Caprese, Glasgow.

As you'll see from my review which has plenty of drunken photos of me and my family at various stages of the evening, it's a great place. And I'd go so far as to say that since I first went to the place about seven years ago, it's always been my favourite Italian restaurant in Glasgow, and that's saying something given the vast amount of them dotted around the place.

So have a look and if you're heading over here soon, just fill in the reservation form and I'll get you a table before it's all booked out.


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I'm away on holiday

Just in case you all think I'm being rude by not replying to your messages, it's because I'm off to New England until 1st November.

When I come back I'll be trying to get going again with the site - the last push before Christmas. The ol' blog's been getting pretty dusty again, due mainly to the fact that recently I've been more busy than this guy I once knew who was really busy. But don't worry, once I come back refreshed from my holibags, it'll be Glasgow all the way.

'Yeah, take your time Docherty', come the cries...

See you soon.



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Glasgow Seaplane

Glasgow Seaplane to the Islands

It's just been announced here that after Christmas there will be a Glasgow seaplane service to islands like Tobermory, Oban, Arran and Bute, with a possible extention to the Isle of Skye later on.

It's to take off from a new terminal at the Glasgow Science Centre, which itself is situated at one of the fastest developing sites on the banks of the River Clyde.

Exciting stuff for those looking to use Glasgow as a travel point for other destinations around Scotland.

That said however, whilst I've not yet had the experience of flying a seaplane, I remember taking one of those deceptively small and shaky planes to the Grand Canyon a few years back, you know, the ones where you can see the pilots finishing off their crossword puzzles on the way over, and hear nothing but the spluttering engine right under your feet.

Superb stuff. Should be great I tell you. Give me a long tarmac runway and a jumbo jet any day. Either that or a nice cup of tea and a good book to relax...

...Once I get more details I'll likely put them up on my airports pages FYI.



Glasgow Celtic

Congratulations to the Bhoys

Last night at Celtic Park was yet another night to remember.

The magnificent Glasgow Celtic beat Manchester United 1 - 0, and as if a result like that in a major European game where the odds were stacked against us wasn't enough, it means that we're through to the last 16 in the competition for the first time since the inception of the Champions League.

To be fair to others less interested than I am in the whole affair, whilst I could wax lyrical about the whole night, I recognise that this ain't a football site.

So I guess I'll find a forum here, there and elsewhere to post my ultimate glee at last night's events.

Suffice to say that my ears are still ringing from the noise in Celtic Park, that I've never hugged a man so much in my life, and that despite the blinkered and wounded comments from the English press on our historical, emphatic progress in the competition with 9 points and a game to spare, it'll be a night and victory that lives long in my memory and in that of every other Celtic fan around the world.

Congrats to the Bhoys in Green and White.


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The Shameful Demise of Ristorante Caprese

Well this is pretty depressing stuff really.

Having finally got round to completing the (I'm sure long awaited) review of my favourite restaurant in Glasgow, Ristorante Caprese, I read in the news today that it has lost its legal challenge in the House of Lords, London.

As I indicated in the review, this was a hard fought battle between David and Goliath, in which the restaurant's owner Costanzo Cacace, had been standing his ground against the faceless onslaught by Glasgow City Council and two investment companies to demolish the restaurant, paving way for the last piece of development on Buchanan Street.

Now that the challenge is over, the restaurant will have to close. If you've never been to the restaurant, take it from me that this is a complete travesty, as it will remain to the end one of Glasgow's greatest hidden gems, and to rip it down, to make way just for even more crappy retail space the City doesn't need, is testament merely to the Council's seemingly endless (and privately funded) campaign to rid Glasgow of its realpersonality, its historical architecture and uniqueness.

Yes, Buchanan Street attracts thousands of visitors to Glasgow every year. Yes, it's one of the most famous shopping spaces in the world. Yes, we may well be talking about the demise of nothing more than a restaurant.

But this restaurant forms part of Glasgow's memory and distinguishing charisma. To pursue relentlessly the right to knock it down for commerce, smacks of nothing but dirty greed on the part of the Council.

It ain't all about money folks. It ain't just about preserving the main tourist attractions to make sure we reign in the purses of photo-seeking visitors.

Unlike any other major Eurpoean City I can think of, our Council appears hell bent on ignoring arbitrarily selected pieces of our history, a proud history foreigners want to learn more about, and this implicit policy to rid Glasgow of its soul, to replace it with modern shine only in those parts of the City deemed worth saving, laughs shamefully in the face of our ancestors who toiled hard in the smog to engineer and bequeath us a magnificent Second City of the Empire.

Yes it's just a restaurant. Costanzo will open one up elsewhere. I may be accused even of over-egging the pudding. But come on Glasgow, where are we headed if we can't see what's inherently brutal in using the power of the Courts to destroy a small, well-established family restaurant just to make cash from yet another clothing outlet?Let's regain our focus and identity already.

R.I.P. Ristorante Caprese, you've given me some great memories over the years and will be sorely missed.

In the meantime, if I were you I'd book a table there now before it closes its door for the last time, and I'll definitely be letting you know where Costanzo opens up next, as there's absolutely no doubt that it's sure to be worth it...


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Updated links on Car Hire at Glasgow Airport

Thanks to Gina from New Jersey who pointed out to me yesterday that the Drivers' information link wasn't working on my page on car hire at Glasgow Airport.

I've now updated the link as the site it went to changed itself sneekily without telling me. While I was there I also added in a handy Google map to show you the way once you collect your car.

BTW, if anyone else spots things like this on the site, I'd be very grateful for your input as I like to ensure the site is helpful rather than misleading.

Thanks again Gina.


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Glasgow Panto Season 06/07- It's behind you...

Aladdin at the King's Theatre

The time is almost upon us.

The time when Glaswegians from all across the city, and truck loads of wide-eyed, bemused visitors, descend on our theatres and halls, ice creams in hand (no matter the free-falling temperature outside), to watch the most bizarre, mixed-up show they're ever likely to see.

A show in which men dress as ladies, where the audience shouts like nutters to the actors on stage, where a little wee might even escape from the non-stop laughing throughout.

Yes, it's here again - Panto Season.

Peter Pan at the Glasgow Pavilion

If you've never been to a pantomime, you've never lived. There now, I said it.

I may be 29 years old. I may be a Partner in a distinguished Law Firm, dressing in a suit most days. I may be old enough to drink myself into a stupor (and have been known to do so occasionally). I may even like the odd paid of socks for Christmas. But I tell you this - I'll never grow too old to go see a Panto. Just like li'l old Peter Pan himself, there's an excited child in every one of us, and what he really meant to say was, if you don't allow that inner child to fly once in a while, you'll wither away sadly watching everyone else have a good time.

So I guess what I'm saying is, if you're in Glasgow this Christmas, book now before the Pantomimes are sold out. You'll never forget the experience. 'It's for the kids' - yeahwhatever, they don't even get half the jokes.

Head to the Kings Theatre this year for Aladdin, or to the Glasgow Pavilion (the Pav) for Peter Pan, or even the ones lined up for the smaller venues. Either way you'll have a great time, even if I do long for the time when I've got kids just so I don't stand out from all the parents secretly crying with laughter.

Pantos make Christmas in Glasgow what it is, with the kind of Glasgow humour (patter) that draws visitors from around the globe, so round off your time here by letting your inner child fly as they never have before - then you can head to the pub and laugh as you watch them crash drunkenly into a deceptively tall building.

It's behind you...



Christmas Lights Tickets

Thanks for your messages welcoming me back from my holibags - always adds a glow when you know you've been missed.

A few of you have asked whether I'm able to show your comments on my blog page as with other blog sites. My first thought in reply would normally be whoaa there, you're pre-supposing that I actually know how all this stuff works. But I'll look into it nonetheless, and no doubt by 2014 when the Commonwealth Games (hopefully) come to Glasgow, I'll be first up on that podium for finally working it all out, the crowd going wild, my parents dabbing their eyes proudly.

Until then, I'm afraid I'll just have to name-drop.

Xmas Lights at George Square

So like Steve from Eagle Lake, Minnesota, and Kristian from Haapavesi in Finland (I hope I spelled that correctly pal), the main question from yesterday was whether you need to get tickets for the turning on of the Christmas Lights in George Square this year.

I'm afraid the answer to that is yes, but that they're sold out. There were about 20,000 allocations and all have been taken up, so unless you know someone who can get you one, like me you'll have to wait until the crowd disappears and head in later.

Having said that, personally I think the whole thing is pretty over-rated. I mean, who wants to see someone switching on lights? If I did, I'd stay in my bedroom and flick the switch thousands of times a day. Much cheaper way of getting your kicks I reckon.

To me, the fun is in heading to George Square wrapped up warm with your friends and family, seeing all the lights flickering away in the dark, smelling the hot chocolate and roasting chestnuts, and joining in all the fun stuff dotted around the place. Far better than just seeing the lights go on and heading to the pub straight after.

But hey, that's just me I guess. If you want to experience the whole thing anyway, make sure you keep an eye out for the 2007 tickets and get in there first.



I'm back and raring to go for XMas

And hello hello to you all. You'll be glad to know that I got back from New England in the middle of last week, and have spent most of the time since then trying to get my head back into sync with GMT, failing miserably most nights as I drift off into guilt-free sleep any time the dishes have to be washed.

By the way, I'd thoroughly recommend travelling around New England in the Fall (that's Autumn, to you and me). The scenery is pretty breath-taking, and the people so laid back and civilised, it really is an outstanding place to unwind. Of course, as I was there with Tracey I could stand on a soapbox and force into your yawning mouths the Complete Shopping Tour of New England, given that we visited pretty much every junk and souvenir store on the way round and had to fill another large bag just to get their contents back home.

Who am I kidding though, I've never eaten so much steak and clam chowder in my life, so I was in a constant state of happiness anyway, even if that was Tracey's plan from the outset.

Xmas Skating in George Street

But I'm now back and raring to go, what with Christmas round the corner and all.

On any given day in the coming weeks you'll find us grabbing up decoration after decoration to drape over our new house - just think the Griswalds in Christmas Vacation- and planning parties and dinners and pretty much anything else involving the (these days much-derided) practice of over-eating until bursting point.

If you're going to be in Glasgow at Christmas this year, you're in for a treat. First thing you should do is head to George Square. No matter what age you are, if you like having fun at Christmas you'll enjoy gawking at the massive array of festive lights which are turned on from 19th November.

Nativity Scene in Glasgow

You'll also love the ever-burgeoning collection of stuff we'll have in the Square, from the ice-rink on which you'll likely see Santa skating from time to time (he's got to have some time off you know), to the hot food, drink and Christmas tat stalls, and of course the Nativity Scene tucked away usually in a distant corner for some reason - you'll likely see a member of the police walking about around the Nativity glasshouse, given the fact that one year a cheeky so and so nicked the baby Jesus, much to the Council's embarassment.

So I'll be building the excitement by keeping you up to date with the best stuff to see and do in the run up to Christmas in Glasgow, but as always, just send me a list of any queries and I'll get back to you ASAP - don't send me your XMas list though, I ain'tthat rich. Ho ho ho...



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House for Art Lover

State of the Union - Signing off for 2006

Well? I guess that's it then.

With Christmas and the New Year upon us, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it's been a long year for my little site.

On a rough calculation, aside from my blog I suspect that I only managed to drool out about two proper pages a month, which, yes you don't have to tell me, to be honest is just plain lazy.

My New Year resolution for 2007? To get off my well-cushioned derrier and flesh out the bones of what I'd intended at the start to become a pretty decent guide to my home city. And I also promise to stop bleating out weakly (and weekly) the whole 'yeah but I've got a nine to five job' excuse, so you can keep the cheeky reminders to yourselves.

My New Year resolution for 2007? To get off my well-cushioned derrier and flesh out the bones of what I'd intended at the start to become a pretty decent guide to my home city. And I also promise to stop bleating out weakly (and weekly) the whole 'yeah but I've got a nine to five job' excuse, so you can keep the cheeky reminders to yourselves.

That having been said, despite the significant lack so far of evidence on the site that I'm actually still alive, I'm pretty chuffed that in 2006 the number of visitors to the site increased to ten times it was last year, my blog has been pulling in a great deal of interest and (mostly kind) comments from all of you dotted around the world, and I'm now beginning to get picked up well in the search engines.

George Square at New Year

So it's all good, and in 2007 I'll be looking to complete the restaurant reviews (any suggestions of places would of course be welcome), and finally start the top ten attractions guide I've been trying to avoid for a whole year.

So anywho, I just wanted to say thanks in the meantime for your interest and support in 2006, have a fantasticChristmas and New Year, and I'll see you all in 2007.

Arrabest tae ye aw.



Eat well at the German Christmas Market

German Christmas Market

Another festive delight to watch out for every December in Glasgow, is the German Christmas Market in St. Enoch Square.

As if stuffing yourself silly with roast turkey dinners for an entire month wasn't enough, at the stupendously busy German Christmas Market you'll be faced with stall after stall of deliciously tempting bratwurst and currywurst sausages, spanferkel (ehm, roasted piglet I think, but v. tasty whatever it is), garlic and salami pizza bread, and a great deal more, not forgetting the dazzling plethora of sweets and treats, all to be washed down gently with a subtle gluhwein (which is mulled wine, in case you want to appear knowledgeable if anyone asks).

German Sausage Seller

But whoaa there right now. Just stop, anhalten with all this food talk - I'm drooling freely all over my keyboard, and to me this is pretty embarassing seeing as how I'm typing all this at work.

So before I'm electrocuted or otherwise frogmarched from my work, suffice to say that it's worth visiting the market just for the food.

Santa at Christmas market

However, in the 40 plus fairy-lit cabin stalls dotted around the Square you'll also find items on sale like ornate wooden toys, funky candles, intricate silver and gold jewellery, and most importantly, a superb festive atmosphere to warm you up before Christmas.

Apparently it's the biggest Christmas market you'll find in Scotland, and if you plan your visit well, you might even get there when they've organised the Christmas carols and other entertainment. It really is a great way to get into the spirit of things, so pop along if you can.

For the avoidance of doubt, the German Christmas Market in Glasgow runs from 25th November to 23rd December, and opens from 10.00am until 7.00pm, so get in there quick before I clear out the food stalls...



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